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Insta-Beef and Sweet Tea

Hi Farm Friends,

Long time no chat. I sure do hope you are well.

We are plugging along through summer here on the farm.   My Farmer is enjoying the new-to-us cab tractor.



I continue to play with my 1960s tractor because it’s more my size and looks vintage lovely.



I also continue not blogging.  Bah.  Screen time is not working well in my life schedule right now, but I do miss these connections we make here.

In an attempt to climb back on the blog wagon, I’ve rethought things a bit, and I have decided to give Instagram a whirl.

This from the millenial who doesn’t have Facebook, etc.  An honest to goodness whirl may truly be all that happens!

I think Instagram will be a lovely new home for the fun of our Friday Favored weekly blog rut.  I’ve already started putting images on the BeefandSweetTea Instagram page a couple of times per week with text details similar to the favorites I’ve posted on past Fridays.  You can see a preview on my home page’s right side bar – click any image to read the caption and enjoy!

AND GET THIS…my Farmer is now on Instagram, too!  (as HerFarmer)

This is a serious milestone.  He’s a super friendly guy, but he’s never given social media the time of day.


We’re not planning to completely replace the blog with Instagram,  but we do think this is a fun overall expansion and enjoyable redirection of our farm media.  Blogging is a much more time consuming endeavor than Instagram, so you’ll see a lot more of us via Instagram.

We hope you’ll come along and join us on Instagram!

Emily Grace



How have you been doing?

6 Responses to “Insta-Beef and Sweet Tea”

  1. paintthetownag

    I LOVE that you’re on my favorite social media site! 🙂


  2. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    Summer is not the best time for blogging, I can see that, too. It’s too nice where I am, to spend time looking at the screen. Instagram might be ok, but that’s just one more sight to check and work on. Good luck!


    • Emily Grace

      It’s true…summer is not the best time for blogging. I’m finding Instagram to be a fun way to keep up with other blogs over the summer…and not completely neglect mine. It’s so simple I’ve not found it to be extra work at all.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. thefarmpaparazzi

    Glad you guys are well! It’s okay to take blogging breaks. At least, I hope so, because I do it all the time. So, remember those friendship necklaces when we were little girls? The ones that formed a heart when you put the two sides together? Well, I think you and I have a similar thing going, because I’m pretty sure I have that same winged cow figurine! I found it at a garage sale years ago and thought it was so pleasantly weird. How fun!


    • Emily Grace

      That’s hilarious! I love my winged cow…I think it came from the Lodge Iron Skillet outlet in East Tennessee.

      I have enjoyed a blogging break all summer. I’m probably going to be a 7 months of 12 blog before it’s all said and done. But I have enjoyed putting up little snippets on Instagram – which don’t require an Instagram account for readers to view, so that works out nicely.

      Anyhow, Great to hear from you Liz! Best,
      Emily Grace



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