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FarrrTHUR 40: She “Can’t Brie-lieve It’s Nut Cheese”

Bovidiva, Jude Capper, Ph.D., has me chuckling and putting my head down on my laptop to survive her wit in her latest post “I can’t Brie-lieve It’s Nut Cheese.” 


I just love reading someone else thoughtfully, thoroughly and humorously addressing our food culture.


I think you’d laugh, too…and learn how to think about your consumer/farmer/food considerations with better clarity…

…and even smile – imagine that!…food comes with so much guilt tripping these days, no wonder I’m the only one smiling at the grocery.

wide angle cattle 3

 My cows can’t believe it’s nut cheese, either.  They are hopeful “nut beef” isn’t next.
Regardless, they are smiling.  They are happy, happy, happy
and wish you happy all they way to the grocery
and back to your kitchen
and please wave
when you


Yes. Yes, you can smile at the grocery and roll in the aisle, too, especially when you pass the nut cheese. It’s my gift to you this week.  Please, go FarrrTHUR with Jude.  And do read with your best British accent – since she speaks thusly. (:

Emily Grace



Just when you think you can’t go any FarrrTHUR…there’s food.  Thank a farmer!


Plastic food, anybody? Plastic food, anybody?

Am I missing something, or have words ceased to have any meaning? Take the phrase “nut cheese”. Seriously. Now stop giggling like a 12-year old and actually think about it. Would you buy some nut cheese for your grilled cheese sandwich? Fancy some nut cheese on your pizza? Actually, purely from a practical point of view, no, you wouldn’t. Nut cheeses don’t really melt, they are better for spreading on crackers. But, leaving the double entendres  aside, why would we give Edam (sorry…) about nut cheese? Apparently it’s a product that’s made exactly like cheese, if you ignore the fact that (dairy)* milk doesn’t have to be ground with water to separate the solids before the cheesemaking begins. Oh, and the fact that nut cheese made from nuts. Which means that despite the name, it’s not actually cheese.

Why does the concept of nut “cheese” irritate me so? It’s not paranoia that everybody…

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2 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 40: She “Can’t Brie-lieve It’s Nut Cheese””

  1. Burns Farms (@BFHerefords)

    Oh my goodness you said it – I had a very sweet vegetarian bring me some food as a gift. She brought me nut loaf and said it was like meatloaf. I really didn’t now how to respond because she knows I’m a cattle lady. Do I say yum? Do I say where’s the beef? #beefonmyplate. So apparently there is nut beef out there.



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