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FarrrTHUR 37: The Big Wheels Are Rollin’



Buddy Dog loves to ride in anything, but he has a noticeably higher level of enthusiasm for the big dually truck than for my car.

Even Buddy understands the power of a big machine bringin’ it.  I wonder how he would handle riding in a tractor?


As a child I loved riding the old Ford tractor with my Papaw (paternal grandfather).  I would stand on the metal plate just in front of the gear shifter between his knees, and I would “drive” the tractor up and down his lane.  I can still remember his hands adjusting the throttle lever by the steering wheel.  Those strong, stocky hands served in the South Pacific in WW2, sawmilled and laid pipe for a living, raised 4 sons with my Mamaw and never raised at me…

…except the time I thought pushing the start button on the tractor was fun…five year olds don’t think about standing right in front of a big, big wheel whilst pressing the start button.  Thankfully, Papaw’s do – and make it a point to communicate the gravity of the circumstance.


Years later when I met my farmer, he walked across the parking lot at the end of that first church service and I watched to see which vehicle he went to…

…and then I did a happy dance in the church vestibule as I saw his hot body person climb into a big ol’ diesel truck.

I may have stepped out the front doors to listen to the truck pull away. 

And there may have been a holy amount of Tim the Tool Man grunt whispering past my Sunday-best glossed lips. 


tractor roads-6

This is part of why my relationship with Buddy Dog is so strong.  I remember the simple joy of being taken for a ride, and we love the same Farmer, so if he’s going somewhere, we want to go too.


Unfortunately, we’ve never been able to ride in the tractor with my Farmer because our little farm has never had an enclosed cab tractor.  We have borrowed one a few times, and I have crawled up and slept in the floor board of that one, but Buddy and I have never ridden in the tractor together with my Farmer.  That’s all about to change!  Hopefully in the next few weeks, our new-to-us tractor will arrive…and it has two seats!


It’s so excitin’!  Can you imagine the mental meltdown Buddy will have when my Farmer hoists him up for his first tractor ride?!  

Not to mention the fried circuits I’ll have from seeing my Farmer including our sweet geriatric dog – strong, gentle, big hunk of a man.  Mercy!


What does all this have to do with FarrrTHUR?



Well, have you ever ridden a tractor?

Have you seen any tractors on the road lately?

Do you realize it’s spring – that time of year when all the farmers are heading out to put their crops in the ground so that we can all eat?

Here’s another questions for ya…

Unlike my five year old self who misbehaved around the tractor…Have you been behaving appropriately on the road  as you drive behind your farmers?


Appropriate – is that a relative term in relation to driving habits?  Most likely.  But wouldn’t you like to explore this topic with a farmer’s wife?



If you wonder why it matters and want to know how you can be a better stuck-behind-a-tractor motorist…

If you haven’t called your mother lately…

If you like pop quizzes…

If you need a nap…

If you want to NOT kill/maim/destroy a member of the very small portion of your society that farms (less than 2% farm)…

…or break his/her tractor…

…then go visit Lauren over at Paint The Town Ag.



Lauren has put together a post with wit and frankness to help us deal with the higher volume of tractors on the road during the spring time

FYI: These suggestions can apply to any time of year – my Farmer happens to be on the roads with a tractor more later in the year.


So, go forth.  Have fun over at Lauren’s post.  Please, please add to your Farmer-on-the-road respect. Don’t miss the short video at the end of Lauren’s post.


I know I’m being bossy today.  Bear with me, please.  I’ve seen people do crazy things while my Farmer is driving a tractor on the road.


Share her post on Facebook.
Spread the word. 
Save a Farmer – drive like you know what it takes to enjoy such abundance at the grocery.

tractor roads-7 text


Papaws – how the best tractor travel memories are made – patiently and safely – then and now.


Emily Grace



Moooooove FarrrTHUR.  Mind the means of getting food to you, please…

…I know, I know – I’m preaching to the choir, because if you’re here reading, you definitely brake for agriculture.  So, do share Lauren’s link on your social media – for those who need a reminder.   Thank you muchly.

9 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 37: The Big Wheels Are Rollin’”

  1. Jent

    I miss my Grandpa every day too!! Congrats on the new tractor-lots of memories and long talks await!!!


  2. Burns Farms (@BFHerefords)

    I am all for respecting the tractor just trying to make it down the road … but like bicyclist they sometimes push the limits. I got stuck behind a huge line of cars going down the mountain at a crawl because of a tractor. This farmer had many chances to pull over safely and let some cars go by, but nope he hogged and proudly owned the road. Sometimes situations can’t be helped and then people should learn some patience. Maybe we need one of those signs attached to the back of a tractor that says “farmer on board” you know like “baby on board” ?? Congratulations on the tractor! I rode in one once but I got bored 😉


    • Emily Grace

      Hi Katie,
      You make a good point about the tractor letting cars pass…more importantly it sounds like you behaved and drove slowly regardless of the itch to pass on double lines, etc. Don’t tell me otherwise. (;

      The conversation must have left you bored. The tractor itself could not have been boring! (:

      By the way, your Twitter page is so lovely and humorous. Well done.



  3. paintthetownag

    Thanks for sharing Emily Grace! And get Buddy in that tractor! He’d love it! 🙂



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