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FarrrTHUR 36: Snout Safari

Hi Y’all.  Thanks for stopping by to go FarrrTHUR in agriculture.


This week, we’re going on a pasture safari with two of my friends.  This mother-daughter pair came by regardless of rain earlier this week and went riding with me to check cattle.  Mom snapped several pics with her cell phone and we thought you’d like to come along with us online today.




Do you realize that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence?


For years humans have blamed broken fences and wondering appetites on this idea of greener.  But today, you can know the cow’s own truth – the grass is not greener…

…because research shows they are color blind – identifying shades of green is not in their color wheel…

…and because they forage primarily by scent. 

If the bovine snouts process scent by color, then yes, we could continue using the “grass is greener” adage and ponder what the color green smells like to a bovine.

As it is, they are snuffling around for tasty nutrition and I don’t think any research is in the works to press the issue of cattle smelling by color.  From henceforth – at least on this blog – we must all stand corrected – the grass smells better on the other side of the fence.


I’m sorry to burst your bubble right off – though I assume you did stop by here to go FarrrTHUR in your agriculture knowledge.


Now that we have that matter cleared up, let’s get on with the snout safari.


Heifer snout…

wpid-2015-04-09-09.19.05.jpg.jpeg…when your farm visit starts like this, you know it’s going to be a good day.









Velvet snouts.



Love us!


Indeed we do!

….but no carrots for you today.  Sorry.  Fresh out.



Baby snout.


I think that’s a Simmental-Angus calf in the foreground.  And a Hereford-Angus calf lying down with its Angus mama in the background.

Hereford + Angus = Black Baldy


And if mama will wonder off and graze…




…we get some newborn calf snuggle time in…and a chance to touch that smooth, firm snout.

The young woman in the picture is the daughter I mentioned earlier.  She is my weekly farm.and.garden-made.of.awesome-high.school.volunteer.


She is why this happens.

wpid-2015-04-09-09.19.05.jpg.jpegHer voice is like Pavlov’s bell

like the hay tractor…

like the feed truck…

they know THE Voice.  The one that picks clover from my yard and feeds it to them over the fence.


I think they also know brunettes – or at least C9 does.  If she sees me walking the driveway she comes running and makes a dramatic skidding stop at the fence.


I just wave and tell her to check back next week.


This is not a snout that wants to wait until next week…at least not on her side of the fence!



While we’re looking at snouts…

My Resident Go-To Naturey friend, Jenna, sent me this link to a German bovine snout.

Check out Paul the Bull and his amazing snout scratcher.



I’ve decided that the next time my Farmer sasses me I’m going to whip out my super sized cell phone and have a public viewing of this video clip ….on the pasture.  I may need my made-of-awesome volunteer to call the cattle whilst toting a bouquet of fescue and clover.  I’m sure she’ll help.


And then, we will show the cattle that ever so nifty snout apparatus on video…being modeled by a fellow bovine, namely Paul the Bull…


…And all my Farmer’s bovine will want one, too.

wpid-2015-04-09-09.30.28.jpg.jpegAnd they will complain about using privet and cedar saplings to scratch their snouts.



And my Farmer will have much “latest-technological-doodad-for-the-bovine” unrest on his hands.


And he’ll not sass me again.  Amen and amen.


Thanks, Jenna, for stocking my Farmer persuasion arsenal with some farmunition.


I promise not to buy noisy toys for your sons at Christmas this year.


Emily Grace


What’s in your silly arsenal?


Do you have a nifty snout back scratcher?


Are you having your Beef and Sweet Tea at a laptop, desktop or mobile device this week?


Does the reality of “greener” not really being greener have you stumbling about searching for your bearings in life?



Thanks for coming over to visit!  Hope you enjoyed the snout safari.




Moooooove a little FarrrTHUR.  You just never know where we’ll go next.

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