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FarrrTHUR 35: Food Shaming


Lara is so much braver than me.  She can read Facebook in bed of a morning.  Not for the faint of heart.

Well, at least that’s what I read in between the lines.  I don’t even have a Facebook.


Lara looks good in blue purple toenail polish.

I saw this with mine own eyes in a picture.  I can only confidently sport French manicures and fire engine red.  Classic?  Basic.


Lara posts about turkey every Tuesday.

I have yet to post a beef recipe.


Lara eats processed food like Girl Scout Cookies and doesn’t flinch.

So. do. I.


Girl Scout Cookies – possibly the only food in the U.S. you won’t get comparison-guilt-tripped over

…okay maybe on the buying end a little, but hey, they’re adorable enterprising young ladies.  


Oh, how I do love GS Cookie season!  I’m a samoa kind of gal.  My Farmer loves the thin mints – frozen.  How about you?




So, after the compare fest at the beginning followed by a plunge into Girl Scout cookie eating sans guilt – what exactly am I getting at in this post?


I’m getting at how we take in so much information – how we dish it out to others, too – how we constantly process our lives with the information unless we intentionally filter and purge – and then we feel relieved to giggle over a box of Girl Scout Cookies with a friend who really gets it.

I had that giggly GS Cookie moment last week when I read Lara’s post on Food Shaming...and left her some love in the comments.


Food is such a hot topic that inspires coldhearted comments with good intentions, and many will dish up a heaping portion of their opinion without you requesting it…

Forgive me.  I know I’ve done this before, but I am irrevocably reformed now.  #LearnedTheHardWay

…after a while you can start to feel as though you’ll never eat or visit the grocery in peace again.


Regardless you show up for life – food shamed or not – and you serve your family wholesome, safe food and good life every.single.day.



You work a job, buy the good work of my Farmer’s hands (Thanks, by the way), put it on the table, say grace and share the nourishment of body and family in your little micro culture.  And if you turn off your media devices, the opinions aren’t invited.  the food and fellowship is sweet.

You’ve got a good thing going…which just shows…We need to giggle over Girl Scout cookies.



So, today, I’d like to invite you to go FarrrTHUR in food conversations with Lara – the Minnesota Gobble Gal, writer at My Other More Exciting Self, my partner in double yolked egg articles, and a veteran poultry industry communicator.


Why?  Because Lara has just said it like it is – she has addressed Food Shaming – and it is a worthy read.

Because food conversation normal is so broken that learning to renegotiate food conversations – even avoid them with certain folks – is a valuable social skill.



food shame


Go forth to Lara’s post.

Free yourself.  Unload some anxiety and embrace some peace in the perspective you’ll find there.  Gain insight to adjust your table talk manners.  Improve your health by limiting your intake of food stress conversations.  Find something else to talk about, like world hunger – persistently an issue even in our first world society.


Don’t forget to take your cookies with you!  Lara won’t mind you snacking while you’re at her place.
Emily Grace




Just in case you need peaceful reality:

Neither Lara nor I care if I have Facebook, or if I have it in my color wheel to wear funky polish, or if I’m on top of the blog thang….

…because we’re not into comparison-guilt tripping-shaming folks…at least not on purpose.

We don’t pick on the other proteins…or each other.



Moooooove a little FarrrTHUR.

7 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 35: Food Shaming”

  1. MNGobbleGal

    Oh how I love this – and you made me chuckle several times. 🙂 Thanks for the love today – and for sharing your thoughts on food shaming and Girl Scout cookies. (I am a Tagalong girl, while my hubby loves frozen Thin Mints too. Guy thing?)

    Have a great weekend being happy with whatever you put on your kitchen table! 🙂



  2. Anne Wheaton

    What are Girl Scout cookies? Intriguing! Good link – I seem to have gone quite astray following all the links from one to another.


    • Emily Grace

      Girl scout cookies are specific cookies sold by girl scouts during late winter. Girl scouts is a club type organization for girls. They earn merit badges for various activities like sewing and camping etc.

      I do love including lots of links.(:

      Hope you’re having a good day, Anne!


  3. Burns Farms (@BFHerefords)

    Food shaming is such a hot topic. i am surprised when I get food shamed considering how healthy I eat. But apparently people think I can go Farrrthur 😉 I think there has to be balance and food is best when it is homegrown.



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