a story of Southern agriculture

Pardon the silence…

Pardon the silence…



…it’s been still and quiet on this blog…




…the silence of a 6 inches deep snowy morning South of the Mason Dixon line…



It’s a beautiful silence.

wpid-2015-02-24-12.12.50.jpg.jpegWe know.  We’re ridiculous about snow down here.


Ivory Jewel would like to clarify that not only is she an inside cat, she is a Southern inside cat.  Life should be warm and dry.



And the world should not be blanketed in a shade whiter than her.



Everything here is backed up rump-to-rump sharing body heat.

Except me and my Farmer…honey could you please sit still for two seconds?


No, no he won’t.  He is a go-bot from the Midwest.

He doth smirk at Southern snow.


And I…

I stop everything for snow.


Hope you are warm and dry most of the time!

Emily Grace



14 Responses to “Pardon the silence…”

  1. Sandy Fopiano

    Hi Emily and “Farmer” —
    Hope you are staying warm.
    The pictures are beautiful, Emily — I look forward to your blog —
    I’m leaving in the morning for Nancy & Glenn’s. Been trying to get there for days — the weather just wouldn’t cooperate.
    Take care, you two
    Hugs for Buddy !!


    • Emily Grace

      Hi Sandy!
      I hope you all had a great visit together! Buddy appreciates you sending some extra lovin’!

      I hope you are doing well. We are enjoying the late winter days that feel like spring already!



  2. Lisa

    Your photos are beautiful. Hope you are digging out okay! Does it work to drink hot “sweet tea” when it’s snowing in the South?


    • Emily Grace

      Ha! Funny, Lisa! Yes, it does help. I have a variety of Celestial Seasons peach tea that is just wonderful warm when it’s cold outside.


  3. Anne Wheaton

    What a beautiful silence.
    I love that first moment when I wake and realise that everywhere is quiet and ridiculously can’t wait to look out at the snow. I get way too excited by just a small flurry of snowflakes.


  4. Jean

    Meanwhile 350 km. north of the Canada US border, we riding on 10-17 degrees C weather …very warm.

    And waiting if another snowstorm will sack us by end of Apr. It’s bound to happen here in the prairies.



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