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FarrrTHUR 34 – Score one for the Donkeys


We have a herd of donkeys highly trained pasture patrollers.


They don’t like coyotes

or how coyotes look

or smell

or eat newly born calves

nat ag day-6

or slink

or prowl

or pounce on innocence….

beef calving season-3

Donkeys don’t like anything about coyotes.


Field and Stream recently featured my donkey’s cousin down in Georgia.  His name is Buck.


He ate a coyote for supper one evening and his owner captured it on camera.


Should I ever come upon this similar phenomenon at our farm, I pray I have my camera with me.  Amen.



So, this week have fun going FarrrTHUR with Field and Stream and Buck, the donkey who flaunted his coyote kill.


Because donkeys make farm life awesome.


Our cows sure do appreciate the donkey’s protective prowess.

beef calving season-2


My Farmer does, too.



I…well, I love their fuzzy noses



and soulful eyes

beef calving season-4


and loud voices…everything.


I love everything about donkeys.



Tell Buck “hello” for me when you see him!




7 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 34 – Score one for the Donkeys”

  1. Katie

    I had no idea Donkeys were so protective! I’ve heard that Llamas are quite protective, but didn’t know a Donkey would kill to protect his “herd” 😀 That is entirely cool. Also, I hope you have a camera on hand if that happens on your farm. Donkeys were my Nana Anne’s favorite animal.

    Thanks for sharing!



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