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Amazing Photography Resources I’ve Used

Photography tips – like great shoes, dark chocolate and prime lenses – it’s impossible to have too many.



They excite me, energize me and convince me that growth and learning are absolutely attainable. What a way to move forward with one’s interests!


Granted my Farmer is now possibly concerned that I will be shopping online for more equipment.  He has heard me declare photography equipment as addictive as chocolate and shoes.

But, no matter, my Farmer is not faint of heart.

Today we learn more with Shane – Canadian street photography blogger.

Emily Grace

Earlier this week I had a discussion (in the comments section of her post) with a new blogging friend about taking great photos and becoming more comfortable with shooting in manual mode. It got me thinking about the topic, so I thought I’d share some of the resources that have helped me learn the ins and outs of my camera and get out of auto.


The first and most important piece of equipment is your camera’s manual. In it, you’ll find out about all of your automatic settings, how to usem, when to use them, and what they’ll actually do for you.


Probably the single most helpful and easy to understand tutorial I’ve found on the internet is a FREE series put together by a photographer named Darcy. It is a 31 day blog series on everything you NEED to know about…

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4 Responses to “Amazing Photography Resources I’ve Used”

  1. Katie

    Alrighty, so I LOVE learning about photography! My Mom got me this amazing book about photography for Christmas… it’s called “A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book” and talks about how to take good pictures, photo styling, and also how to use your iPhone/cheap cameras to get good photography! (You should also check out the blog… “A Beautiful Mess” is run by two sisters with fabulous vintage-y style. 🙂

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