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The Friday Favored: 43rd edition

Hi Y’all!

I hope you’re having a great first week of February!



The Friday Favored: 43rd edition


1.) Hello new-to-me-Campbell’s:

Recently Aldi carried these Campbell’s Skillet Sauces for a limited time.  I’m sure it was a nifty way for Campbell’s to say hi to me, a regular Aldi’s shopper.

I’m down with that.



2.) Coupon-less and Happy:

There were three varieties offered at Aldi and the price was $0.50 less than the price I found at Publix.

Shopping at Aldi is like using coupons without the clipping/organizing/remembering them part.  This is very important to me.

2014-12-13 10.25.20



Regardless of the limited time Aldi-awesome-price & presence, these sauces are only $2.50 at Publix, where they are consistently in stock in more than three flavors.  My point being – these are affordable, delicious and doable from more than one supplier with or without a coupon.

More affordable than eating out.

Quite doable if you have 20 minutes.



3.) Farm Test Drive:

We started with the sweet and sour chicken sauce back in November.  It was so good I purchased more of all three varieties at Aldi on my next trip, and then I looked for it at Publix, too.


We haven’t tried the sesame chicken yet, but the creamy parmesan is a favorite.

2014-12-13 10.24.46



The shrimp scampi makes my Farmer’s surf loving taste buds sing.

2014-12-13 10.24.13

The chicken marsala tastes like the real deal.  Wait, it is the real deal!  Marsala et al!

Not pictured – a curry variety.  We liked it well enough, but it was a bit spicy for our wimpy heat tolerance.



4.) Attention Label Readers:

Besides being delicious and easy to use, these sauces have an added plus…

2014-12-14 13.27.23

…the ingredient list is short and easy to read.

If you make your own sauces for various dishes, you know that there’s often vinegar, wine or soy sauce involved.  The nature of these ingredients – their sodium content and acidity – help preserve the integrity of the sauce you’re making while it’s waiting for your next dish.  These Campbell’s skillet sauces include many of the same ingredients I use when cooking from scratch.  This makes the ingredient label short and easy to decipher.  Depending on your preferences, you may think this makes them taste even better.



5.) If we had our druthers:

The only down side we’ve noted thus far about these Campbell’s Skillet Sauces is that they don’t feature beef on the packages.  My Farmer and I intend to remedy that at our house.

Yeah, we’re going to tape steak pictures to these sauce pouches, so that they look right sitting on our pantry shelves.



6.) Speaking of beef:

At the Campbell’s Skillet Sauces site there are additional recipe suggestions, and there’s delicious beef involved:

Creamy Parmesan Steak with Black Pepper.

Sesame Hamburger

Sweet and Sour Meatballs.




7.) The Verdict:

2014-12-14 13.28.29

I’m so pleased to have made the acquaintance of these sauces.  They’re a great tool for busy farm days.



Quite winsome.



8.) We aren’t perfect at grocery planning and food prep. 

We sometimes make “grocery store fast food stops” when my shopping list and lack of menu hasn’t covered for us sufficiently OR when the notion for a special meal hits me randomly.

You, too!  It keeps the budget on target better than eating out at random, doesn’t it!

We greatly respect a well-managed produce section with prepared raw veggies in the cooler.  A little farther up the aisle, hang a left and there’s the beef, too!  

It’s okay not to have time or inclination to do all of the food prep all of the time.  Sometimes online and magazine perfection makes me wonder about my enthusiasm for precut veggies, etc…but that’s all just my imagination. 


Remember, it’s a blessing to pay people to do what they’re good at!…both to have means to acquire their good work and the means to assign dignity to their day’s labor. 

In our case – this is a most joyful part of living and farming and eating 8 minutes from Publix.


9.) That said, here are everyday and “grocery store fast food stop” suggestions with these skillet sauces:

  • Grab a pack of beef strips, Parmesan skillet sauce and a ready salad.
  • Procure a rotisserie chicken from the deli section.  Use the white meat with one of these quick skillet sauces.  Keep the rest of the whole chicken for tomorrow’s homemade chicken noodle soup or stock.
  • Enjoy some pre-washed and pre-cut veggies. Sauté in sesame sauce.  Add a pork chop to the pan.




Emily Grace


 What’s your grocery shopping like?  Peaceful?  Punishment?  Found any great eats lately?  C’mon – you can tell me.



No affiliate links here.  Just talking shop.

Images created via the cell phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (edited in camera!)


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8 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 43rd edition”

  1. J. Rhoades

    I’ve wondered about these when I saw them at… guess… Aldis! I’ll have to grab some next time to give it a try, although probably with beef or pork!


  2. the south dakota cowgirl

    I live, at minimum, 45 miles — one way — to the nearest grocery store. And that’s an IGA that has at best a crappy selection and at worst, high, high prices. I’m 80 miles one way from Walmart. So I shop about every 3-6weeks for groceries. I make all kinds of things from scratch. Ya gotta! I’ve never tried this, but I try to stay away from ready made stuff only because of the sodium content. I may try these though. Thanks for the review!


    • Emily Grace

      You’re so welcome, SDC. I hear ya on the distance. I used to live in the boonies. Strangely enough, marrying a farmer put me closer to town.

      Anyhow, I typically avoid such mixes, too, because of the sodium content, but I have decided these are acceptable and so worth it. Let me know if you try them! Best,


    • Emily Grace

      We are icy but have plenty of hay. I am purging the house to offset stir crazy. I love getting rid of stuff.

      Nice grocery routine. A little bit of both worlds.



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