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FarrrTHUR 33: Cured Meats: Pass the Celery….Nitrite & Nitrate Demystified

My Farmer and I are big fans of cured meats.  We are wholly devoted to bacon, sausage, summer sausage, little smokies, etc.  His ancestors had their own smokehouse here at the farm.  Likewise, my ancestors had no need to crawl down out of the Appalachians at any time for meat.


You can imagine our raised eyebrows when the nitrite/nitrate issue came crashing on the shores of our food perspective…

(these food concerns do come in waves, ya know)

…my Farmer had already taken meat science classes in college, so he was unperturbed.

…I was decidedly offended that my bacon was besmirched but since I’m not formally educated in agriculture and food science, I couldn’t defend my beloved proteins fluently.


Leave bacon alone, I thought!  Of all the waves of food opinion and criticism, the nitrite/nitrate one was especially stressful.  I cannot imagine my filet not wrapped in bacon…

or my broccoli ranch salad without the savory bits of beef and pork bacon goodness…

or Sunday mornings without turkey bacon. 

T’would break my heart to part with bacon.  I’m sure of it.


So, what did I do?  The same thing you’re doing here today.  I went farther and found some solid information to base my personal food choices on.  After a bit of reading, I reintroduced myself to cured meats…



…and quickly breathed a bacon-breath sigh of relief because I like them a lot.

Celery has many times more nitrite than bacon, and everyone knows celery is diet food.  Oh, praises.  Pass the celery and bacon-ranch dip.


That reintroduction happened a while back pre-blogging.  I hadn’t thought to put it in the FarrrTHUR rotation until I saw that Janeal Yancey is continuing her food labeling series and has recently posted on cured meat labels.  It’s ever so nice to find solid information in one, dependable location.  This week we can go FarrrTHUR with Janeal, the Meat Science Ph.D. over at Mom at the Meat Counter.


Thanks for sharing with us, Janeal!


Read Janeal’s post on cured meat labels.

AND while you are going FarrrTHUR with Janeal, don’t miss the Meat Myth Crusher Video Janeal suggests.






Moooooove FarrrTHUR.  You’ll be glad you did!

4 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 33: Cured Meats: Pass the Celery….Nitrite & Nitrate Demystified”

  1. countrylinked

    Awwww……….Bacon!! One of the simple pleasures in life. I will be heading over to Mom At The Meat Counter to read more on this very important subject. Thank you for sharing and spreading the love of Bacon!



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