a story of Southern agriculture

FarrrTHUR 32: Bales

Last week I mentioned the cattle aren’t doing much right now except eating hay.  There’s an ongoing monotony to winter, isn’t there?

eat, stay warm, sleep.

eat, stay warm, sleep.

eat, stay warm, sleep.


I enjoy this monotony of daily feeding cattle and people.  It makes me even more thankful for

the hot summer windrows without end

and the baler’s ability to transform the windrows into snack packs

and the diligent work done by farm hands of various

ages, genders and heat tolerance.


Seven months ago we made hay.  Today the cows eat.

It’s so much more enjoyable than the alternative – say the winter after a drought year when there was no hay to bale (`07).

snow 14-19


In celebration of a barn full of hay and daily winter snack times, I hope you’ll enjoy this parody.




Going FarrrTHUR in appreciation of having made hay while the sun shined…




Keep going FarrrTHUR.

2 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 32: Bales”

    • Emily Grace

      Indeed! (:

      Thanks for stopping by, Anne. I keep thinking about your recent balancing post…so good to hear about office strategy and perspective from a fellow farmer.



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