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Photo Friday (on Saturday…)

Marla over at JustMaketheCoffee.com consistently has the most amusing animal pictures and captions. I had forgotten how much I enjoy them…

…there are so many lovely blogs out there that it’s easy to lose track of them from time to time in the traffic…

Thankfully, we bumped into each other again this week and I’ve spent a lovely half hour roaming about her site this Sunday morning…

…I highly recommend it….it goes well with coffee, hot chocolate and whatnot.

The first picture (of Bert the hog teasing about jumping the fence) gave me a start. It’s really not funny, Bert! I have visions of five of my donkeys doing this exact thing this past Thursday, right before they moved to the subdivision to our north. Bah! Get back behind the fence, Bert!

But besides that bit of startle, this post from Marla is all smiles and joy in Creation.

Have a good rest today.
Emily Grace

Just Make the Coffee



Don’t let that adorableness fool you:

J24JustmakethecoffeeJ24JobSecurityI meant to blog on Friday…then, of course, I got distracted.  When the UPS driver delivered a package, he told me about a bald eagle he spied nearby.  I yelled for my son to come with me, grabbed the camera …. and got some cool pictures!

Warning:  There is a dead deer in the picture.  Nature at work; but it might not be for everyone.

Bald Eagle EyeBald Eagle

Tonight, we are off to enjoy the Candle Light Walk on the General Dacey Trail!  It should be a gorgeous evening for it!  To learn more, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DaceyTrail

Happy trails to you, friends!

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