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The Friday Favored: 42nd edition

Hi Y’all.


My apologies for missing you yesterday.  Five of our donkeys moved to the subdivision on our north border.  It took hours to get them back…

plus, 7 humans (including two amazing neighbor ladies)

a large bag of apples,

a bag of sweet feed on retainer,

a diesel truck and stock trailer,

10 portable corral panels,

two horses,

a strategically situated flood plain,

and a calm demeanor


…but we did get them all loaded and hauled back to the farm – and we are ever so thankful!  I have photos I will blog next week.  In the meantime, my Farmer has put the donks in “time out” in the highly fenced and secured barn lot until we decide what to do with them next.


They have tasted the joys of galavanting about.

They are highly intelligent.

They will do this again if we don’t disrupt their pattern significantly.

To be continued…


So, no FarrrTHUR this week – I’m going to save it for next Thursday.  Progress is always slower when the animals change their geography…but hey, we had a great visit with the neighbors!





The Friday Favored: 42nd edition


1.) Gardening…

…last year I didn’t garden much.  Our top hand noticed.  Then he and his bride gave me this book for Christmas.


Lovely poetry!

It’s just what I need as I start thinking about going back to the garden this year! 



2.) Winter Warmth:

It’s damp and cool here in the South.  It’s not terribly cold, but the moisture in the air warrants a space heater to dry the clothes on the rack and make our space more comfortable without having to run the central heat constantly.


Ivory approves of the heater.



She especially approves of the wheeled feature of the heater bringing it to the overstuffed chair she likes to sleep on.



Buddy becomes jealous.



So, we have to fix it.


It’s like climate controlled vertical pet storage.  They stay put!



(Delonghi Mica Thermic heater rolls on wheels or can be mounted to the wall.  Even on high, I can touch it without burning.  Buddy loves it.)  *no affiliate links.  just talking shop.




3.) Mushroom Stroganoff


Recently I came across this mushroom stroganoff recipe.

shroom stroganoff-7

I know it’s from a vegetarian site.  Remember, we do not pick on the other proteins or their eaters – and vegetarians eat protein – much cheese in this particular food blogger’s case.


Go dairy!


I think mushroom dishes pair deliciously with steak.  So, my Farmer and I tried out this stroganoff for lunch the other day to decide if we want to prepare it with steak soon…

shroom stroganoff-5


My Farmer came back for seconds.

shroom stroganoff-6



Excellent!  Steak with mushrooms and rice it is then!  The crockpot cooks the `shrooms and the rice cooker does its thing.  That just leaves the broiler for the steak (it’s a bit cold out for grilling).


Do you like mushroom dishes?





4.) Cute Little Crow Bars:


I laid new flooring in our master bedroom this week.  It’s a simple loose-lay-vinyl that looks like weathered wood.  (See #2 pics)

It’s affordable and easily installed.

My Farmer was in charge of quarter round trim removal.  Look at these cute little crowbars he bought.




Just the right size for the job.



The right tool makes all the difference!





5.) Quilt Pattern:


Any hints on the pattern, y’all?

I’m heading to the library this weekend to check out a few quilt reference books.  Maybe I’ll have an answer for us by next week.




6.) Cows

This is all they are doing right now…except they are doing this in the rain today.

Christmas 14-64


It’s winter.  Food is scarce unless we bring it.  They don’t roam far from their hay.  I will try to find you an interesting winter cow picture soon.



Emily Grace






Does the 3rd week of January feel more like the 3rd year of January?  Mercy.  I’m ready for the leveling out of this running start.

More Friday Favored anyone?

6 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 42nd edition”

  1. Aquila

    Those cute little crow bars are called “cat’s paws” at least that’s what my dad used to call them and he was a master carpenter, trained by his father also a master carpenter who was trained in Germany (truly master craftsmen both of them). Cat’s paws are great for removing interior trim with as little damage as possible. Always pull the head of the finish nail through the wood instead of pullint it out from the front, then simply renail using the same holes when replacing the trim. I’m definitely thinking about getting one of those space heaters, my dogs would love it and I’d feel safer about them being near it.


    • Emily Grace

      Aquila, this is a delightful comment! Thank you for sharing with me about the “cat’s paws” and your German craftsmen family. I will make sure my Farmer reads this comment and notes your tip for removing nails.

      It is a great heater. I almost returned it when I first got it because it doesn’t “put out the heat” like I expected. It’s more of a gentle heat that makes being near it a pleasure. You don’t have to adjust it constantly. It just does its thing and is enjoyable without sweating you out of the room. I like it a lot.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. the south dakota cowgirl

    We are a mushroom eating house. About 3 containers a week, eating! yeah. we’re weird like that. I love that you say it’s been cold. 😉 Let’s compare sometime and I’ll even offer to share our humidity level! 😉


  3. Burns Farms (@BFHerefords)

    Oh no the donkeys escaped! Mercy! I remember the time Stanley Wells got out and it took a big crew to get him back! I can’t imagine herding yours home. Glad it all worked out though. Sweet Ivory photo…so happy with her new home.



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