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The Friday Favored: 41st edition






The Friday Favored: 41st edition


1.) I apologize for not blogging last Friday…

…Such absence would be an interruption to a flawless New Year’s resolution record… IF I had made any resolutions.

But I did not.  Instead, I copied Dara’s thoughts down onto my inner New Year’s steno pad and called it good.


So last Friday I was indisposed at my other job.  Cows and hogs were involved.  I’ll keep the details short and sweet and just say I’m happy to be here with you all this week…

…continuing to plan my New Year with Dara.




2.) Bloody Ivory:

Ivory wanted in Wednesday morning.  I was unsure if I should grant her entry.  She was wearing blood.

shroom stroganoff-2

Trouble in paradise?

shroom stroganoff-1

Naw, Tom Grey’s not one for domestic violence.

Instead, he’s taught the girl to hunt.  She’s a bit awkward with being at the very beginning of the food supply chain.  I can understand – she is adapting to farm life.

I know this transition is not always pretty.  Tasty, yes.  But not necessarily pretty.


shroom stroganoff-3

We press on, right, girl friend!



3.) Capper’s Farmer Magazine


Lara over at My Other More Exciting Self and I have a spot in the Spring 2015 Capper’s Farmer Magazine.


Go get yourself a copy and check us out on page 4.

Available at book stores, Tractor Supply, and similar.



4.) Feeding (Frozen) Farm Hands:

A visual guide for days spent at the barn keeping cattle healthy:






Ready. Set. Hike down the hill to the barn.  Make farm hands happy.  Repeat at lunch.



5.) Sugar Scrub:

Did you try the sugar scrub by Cristen from Food and Swine?

It was easy and smelled divine.

2014-12-15 19.16.31

My Farmer mixed it up and packed the jars for me.

2014-12-15 19.15.14

He said it smelled so good he wanted to press his face into it.

That’s sayin’ somethin’.



6.) Quilt Pattern:


Do any of y’all know this quilt pattern?




7.) Southern Snow!

Big fluffy flakes fell last night.



And then it stayed cold enough to be pretty this morning but not bad on the roads.


Wimpy snow, I know.  We like it pretty but not stressful.  Yet another joy of living in the South.


Know what I’m sayin’!
Emily Grace


How are you doing?  Whatcha been into lately?



Happy New Year!  More Friday Favored anyone?


7 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 41st edition”

  1. d. tafakari

    I made pumpkin bread this week and have been indulging shameless in hot chocolate and whipped cream. It’s my winter tonic lol.

    Those precious kitties!


    • Emily Grace

      Oh, pumpkin bread! Pumpkin with chocolate is worthy of shameless indulgence!

      I must say – I have the coolest cats ever. Even my Farmer thinks so and he doesn’t particularly care for felines, excepting their ability to control the barn mice population.


  2. MNGobbleGal

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂 And I love that quilt pattern, although I fully admit I don’t know what it is. My mom designs quilts so I admire the work and talent but do not, in any way, try to do it myself. 🙂

    – Lara


    • Emily Grace

      Hey you gotta keep them moving in freezing weather!

      I won’t post it on blog because that wouldn’t be the best way to maintain my relationship with a print publication. But I will bring you my copy the next time we visit so that you can see it.


  3. countrylinked

    Once upon a time I sewed and even made quilts. That hobby/love has taken a back seat, but I still love to look at quilts, patterns and fabric. I tried finding the pattern name for you quickly. I started with Kansas City Star Quilt Blocks and found what I believe it is. Depending on where you place the light and dark colors, your block can have various looks. This one favored a KCSQB that was called “Old English Wedding Ring”. It is beautiful! There are so many to choose from when it comes to quilt blocks! Best of luck finding just the right one to place on your barn. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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