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FarrrTHUR 31: National Geographic Features Cattle Feedlots | Podcast

Farming and meeting consumer expectation for a great product AND a meaningful conversation is a difficult task. The challenges make me all the more appreciative of you! Thanks for stopping by to go FarrrTHUR in agriculture this week.

Let’s see what Ryan Goodman of Agriculture Proud has to say about a recent National Geographic venture into the feedlot setting.


Ag Proud Nat Geo


Is America’s appetite for meat bad for the planet?

Check out the conversation at Agriculture Proud.  Read the article at NatGeo.

Emily Grace


**Black and red image via NatGeo.  I added a bit of verbage.

Beef Runner

Meat is murder. Meat—especially beef—is cigarettes and a Hummer rolled into one. For the sake of the animals, our own health, and the health of the planet, we must eat less of it.
Meat is delicious. Meat is nutritious. Global demand is soaring for good reason, and we must find a way to produce more of it.
In short, meat—especially beef—has become the stuff of fierce debate.
Robert Kunzig, National Geographic

National Geographic Cattle Feedlot Carnivore DilemmaMy most recent series of posts on the blog has been visiting topics related to my experience in the cattle feedlots and sharing my perspectives of large scale cattle production in this country. This series just happens to correspond with a lengthy article from National Geographic. In Carnivore’s Dilemma, environmental editor, Robert Kunzig, reflects on his time visiting Wrangler Feedlot in Tulia, Texas. This is the same feedlot where my family sent most of our cattle when I was…

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