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FarrrTHUR 30: Shop Amazon. Feed People.


My Farmer has recently experienced an influx of Amazon one click shopping…on my part.


My new cell phone is quite large and downloads books quickly.  I read a lot.

It’s been cold of late and I needed warm, fuzzy cowl accessories.


I could continue the list, but you get the idea.  I’ve been easy shopping.


Then, my Farmer released – just this week – from his ag info loving clutches – the October 2014 Farm Journal .

He’s a real ag mag hoarder.  Can I get a witness?


What does Farm Journal have to do with my Amazon clicking habit?  In that issue is the article Every Penny Counts.  It’s a short, sweet introduction to how you can give to Farmers Feeding the World with every purchase via AmazonSmile.  In the article I found simple instructions for how I can sign up to give 0.5% of my bill (without increasing the total purchase amount) to help support agriculture and feed people.  So, I immediately signed up.


Feed the people, I say!




I’m not sure that my Farmer wants me more encouraged to shop on Amazon, but he’s all about feeding the people.

Join us!

Emily Grace



P.S.  Should the piles created by your ag mag hoarder (or hoarder of any sort) be getting to you, the October 2014 Farm Journal also had this article for our benefit – Blessed are the Neat. I Suppose.


Moooooo FarrrTHUR.

8 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 30: Shop Amazon. Feed People.”

  1. MNGobbleGal

    I didn’t know! I need to sign right away. 🙂 But that’s not because I have an Amazon shopping problem or anything. Nope. Not at all.




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