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The Friday Favored: 40th edition


My Farmer and I hope you had lovely holidays and a Merry Christmas.  We sure did!


Thanks for joining us here in 2015!


I’ve missed the numbered favorites of Fridays past, so I have loaded you up with six today!





The Friday Favored: 40th edition


1.) I could write a new year expression of my deep desires and hopes,

but Dara already did it.


If you want to know my inner new year rumblings (sans indigestion)

If you need to see how a farmer’s wife likes the word pendulous

If you, too, must borrow words to express new year resolution avoidance

…and love yourself and life the more for it…

Dara needs to be in your new year readings.


Just sayin’ – two minutes and a couple hundred words later – you will feel better and be ever so much more informed about your Farmer’s wife.



2.) Ultra wide angle love:

The bovine

wide angle cattle 1


Be they backlit

wide angle cattle 3


Be they basking in the sun

Christmas 14-64


Be they the bull on the other side of the mud

wide angle cattle 2

Will never look the same again here – and neither will the sky – for my Farmer hath purchased me a Canon 10-18mm ultra wide angle lens – and I am a very happy woman.


You can read technical awesomeness about the lens here.

P.S. This lens is sharper than its Canon L-series counterpart.  Yea!



3.) Take a good long look…

new year kitty 3


…at how you edit your life.



4.) Ninja Bread

2015-01-02 14.11.37[1]


Found at Aldi.

Said by my Resident Go-To Naturey Friend, Jenna about the cookie cutters included in this box:

“They are made of awesome, and you make awesome with them”




5.) If the Ivory kitty gets to play on the tractor (see #3)…

…then Tom and Buddy want to, too.


Serious faces guys…

new year kitty 5


Okay, now silly faces… new year kitty 6


Give me aloof…

new year kitty 4

…these fur babies are entirely too used to posing.  And we love it that way!



6.) Epiphany

It’s a lovely spot on the church calendar that eases the rush’n’hush of the holidays passing.  On the day after Christmas I remind myself the celebration has only just begun and I look to January 6 – a Christian festival that remembers the coming of the three wise men to see the Christ child.

If you, too, enjoy celebrating Epiphany,

or if you enjoy star-gazing

or if you just like good reads

I recommend

2015-01-02 14.01.55[1]


“Join one of the original Magi, Ramates, on a special journey…what begins as this hunter-priest’s darkest day turns into a remarkable quest to discover the truth of ancient prophecy.”



Have a great first week of the year!
Emily Grace



Happy New Year!  More Friday Favored anyone?


6 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 40th edition”

  1. carolynsteve

    I can understand how your new lens could help one “see the really big picture!” Also, I too like the word pendulous. Sometimes I literally feel quite pendulous myself. But better pendulous than pendantic!

    All my best,



    • Emily Grace

      Hi Steve. Yes we will get the whole picture with this lens!

      I agree. I think I like pendulous better of the two. (:

      Thanks for stopping by!



  2. lifecorked

    Happy new year! I just started reading and understanding more about the Epiphany this year, so I’ll have to check out the book. Such a beautiful reminder of what it’s all about. And, the pics are beautiful. Good job Farmer!



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