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5 Gallon Bucket Lid Pump – The Friday Favored: 39th edition

The Friday Favored: 39th edition

We’ve been talking about putting a lid on  our holiday shopping lists.  It’s been an unintentional Christmas series inspired by my not so subconscious need for practical and tangible closure.

2014’s just been a wide open year for us.  Mercy.  Again, I am accepting counseling in the comments.

recap-2 feature

So, we started with reCaps


beef sausage-7

…and then moved on to delicious sausage seasoning for beef and venison…


next, Cristen at Food and Swine shared a delicious scrub recipe with us, which we have already made and dispersed.

When I say “we” I mean, My Farmer helped make the sugar scrub.  He ain’t afraid of the girly-ness.  Oh, no!  He said it smelled awesome!

This week, my Farmer is taking lids to a whole new level…

farmer lid 5

It’s a pail pump/5 gallon bucket pump.

farmer lid 2

We use them a lot here on the farm.

farmer lid 3

They make transferring large amounts of fluid much simpler.  Pump the handle…

farmer lid 4

…and place the spout into whatever receptacle you need to fill on your tractor, truck, etc.

I’m pretty sure there was much cursing and tire kicking before these were invented.  Engineers can’t always make the fluid spouts easy to reach and fill for half-frozen, gloved hands or warm gnarly fingers in the farm mechanic shop.  Hence, the need for an ultra-useful, ingenious lid fit for manly shopping lists – year `round.

For my needs, I envision a clean one on a 5 gallon bucket of Godiva chocolate sauce.

farmer lid 1

It’s my Farmer approved!

Blessed Holidays.

Merry Christmas,
Emily Grace and My Farmer

What’s on your equipment Christmas list?


Well, now we’re done putting a lid on everything this Christmas!  More Friday Favored anyone?

P.S. No affiliate links here, y’all.  We’re just sharing what we know and love.

P.P.S. Galaxy Note 3 photography and in-camera editing all the way.

4 Responses to “5 Gallon Bucket Lid Pump – The Friday Favored: 39th edition”

  1. Sandy Fopiano

    Hi Emily and “Farmer” !!
    Merry Christmas to you both and enjoy your time. Nancy and I still talk about our visit to see you and hope I can come another time with her.
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG !! Thanks



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