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FarrrTHUR 29: Lower your Crazy.








tom christmas

Here’s Tom in our front porch baby bassinet.  He’s often a basket case.  Sometimes – maybe 5 days before Christmas – we wholeheartedly can relate.



Around here we have a tendency to hide from the crazy at the holidays.  We just like it better this way.


We use the word “NO” a lot.  Sometimes I write it on entire stretches of my calendar.  M-F will read “No No No No NO!”  Sat-Sun it says “Naw…” – a little more open since it is the weekend.




No is a hard word to master at any age after 3 years old, but it is approved for adult life usage in all sectors.

Just imagine yourself in our barn lot with a sneaky ass donkey.  You say calmly, and firmly “no” – you may need to poke his nose intentionally, too.  “No carrots!”  And then you smile and shut the gate.





It’s never more true than at the holidays – “no” and “boundary” are favorite words in our vocabulary.  This week’s FarrrTHUR is a light-hearted attempt to help your nerves and peace go the distance in a season that offers such hope and such stress.

The contrasts in life are usually where we find the most treasure!



So, this week, whether you’re tugged between cows or commercial christmas, social demands or bovine feed demands, financial stress or no time to bake, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., we just want to share our overcoming strategy:


My Farmer and I put our blinders on like a couple of nicely paired draft horses and we remember two things:


holiday donks2.) Donkeys bring it…all year long, but especially literally to the Nativity!

Is there a donkey love hashtag?  There should be! 




autumn moon

and 1.) Small, Ancient, Strong.
We build our lives on such words as we watch the moon rise over the big houses on the ridge – full of people who gotta eat!



So, take a deep breath.

Tell something/someone/arbitrary guilt “no” politely this week.

Own the “no” when you walk away and smile as you shut the gate.

Put your feet up and smile over what richness donkeys bring to life.

Listen to Andrew Peterson’s Christmas cd – free online.  It’s our absolute favorite for a calm-centered holiday.

Think on a King from nowhere and always and personal.


Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!
Emily Grace



More FarrrTHUR.  The cows say hi!

14 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 29: Lower your Crazy.”

  1. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

    You’ve written a beautiful message and one we probably all need to heed. Those donkeys can be pretty smart when they feel like it. Wishing you and your farmer the very best during the holiday season and next year. I wish for you both lattes sipped in front of a roaring fire, desserts nibbled without a care, afternoons made for only each other, all doldrums escaped, palates satisfied, memories made, moments captured and your own traditions honored each and every year. Merry Christmas, Emily Grace.


  2. MNGobbleGal

    I’m a firm believer in saying no once in awhile. Truth be told, I should probably say it more often. Your post made me smile!

    Merry Christmas from the cold tundra – errr, I mean Minnesota, Emily Grace!



  3. lifecorked

    Beautiful and perfect reminder. Each Christmas Eve, including her last here on earth, my mom would read “The Donkey’s Dream.” I’m continuing the tradition now with my kids. Donkeys – such a misunderstood animal. The ability to say “no” is one of the most powerful lessons I’ve ever learned. Enjoy this time! Sending peace and love your way!



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