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The Friday Favored: 38th Edition



The Friday Favored: 38th Edition



Vanilla Mint Sugar Scrub

`Twould seem I am not the only one putting a lid on things this Christmas. Cristen over at Food and Swine is, too!


I intend to procure the materials for this delightful bit of holiday bath cheer and make some for me – and maybe I’ll put a lid on my Christmas list by dispersing these to a few very special gals around here….
…but I can’t say as I will. `Twould ruin the surprise if I did!


Go have a visit with Cristen – she’s an Iowa farm gal with a lovely blog.

Merry, Merry!
🙂 eg


It’s the Friday Favored, y’all and we’re putting a lid on everything this Christmas!!

Food & Swine

Vanilla Mint Sugar Scrub

Homemade gifts are a top priority in my Christmas gift giving this year.  Gifts for pampering the recipient are my favorite to make.  This homemade sugar scrub is inexpensive and delightful. After you scrub your hands or tired aching feet with this scrub, your skin will feel revitalized and refreshed… not to mention, ultra smoooooooth!  The first sugar scrub I ever received was from my friend Shannon who lives in Idaho.  I hoarded that stuff like a mad-woman and vowed to make my own someday.  I started with Lemon Sugar Scrub this spring, it was so invigorating!  Now onto mint, of course!  (And I do have one significant reason.)
For my pig farming friends… ever have trouble getting that stubborn ‘piggy-smell’ off of your hands (or your kids’ hands)?  Well here’s a little secret, peppermint is the Old-Wives-Tale cure for attacking the glorious smell of pig-manure.
Many of our friends use Peppermint Shampoo to remove…

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6 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 38th Edition”

  1. Caitlin | belong with wildflowers

    How is it already almost Christmas? I was just talking with my coworkers about how this holiday has jumped up out of nowhere this year. I love the idea for the vanilla mint sugar scrub… I’ll definitely have to throw some together. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, and hope that you have fun creating this gift 🙂



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