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FarrrTHUR 28: What is that pinkish red liquid?


This week, we’re going FarrrTHUR with meat science Ph.D. and mother, Janeal Yancey.


In a recent post at her site she has unpacked the details on that pinkish-red juice we see in our meat containers.  She has explained the need for absorbent paper in our protein packages.  Life in our kitchens will never be the same.  What we thought was blood and/or other unspeakable fluid is so much more…

…and I don’t mean more icky…

…I mean more interesting, more simply understood and more approachable than I thought.


In fact, I am renegotiating how tough I think I am in the kitchen.  Raw meat has never intimidated me.

My mama cooked everything my daddy drug in whether it had fur, fins or feathers.  So, I can take anything juicy in the package from the grocery, right?!


Yeah, as it turns out, you can, too.  Really.  Just go see Janeal and she’ll tell you what that juice really is.  You may chuckle at your own misconceptions about it – and definitely chuckle at my inflated sense of bravery with that pinkish-red fluid!




Y’all have fun going FarrrTHUR with Mom at the Meat Counter!


Emily Grace


Did you notice the excellent composition of that steak photo?  Photo credit goes to Macc Rigdon, a graduate student in Meat Science at the University of Georgia.

More FarrrTHUR.  We keep on going `til the cows come home!

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