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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Farm Hands

In honor of my new cell phone – the Note 3 – I’m offering up a little snippet of farm hand footage for you.


We saw these same farm hands with this china, crystal and silver back in April when we talked about surprising things farm hands do.  That day I was shooting with my Canon 60D and, I think, a Sigma 30mm f1.4.


The pictures in this post were taken a year later during another Midwest visit to the FARMily.  My mother-in-law dished up this chocolate banana goodness while my father-in-law let me play with his cell phone at the table.

I was all of 4 years old and in need of entertainment at the table.  And I liked it.


banana bars-1

This basic image was edited in-camera to become the sketched feature image at the top of this post.  The in-camera editing features in addition to the quality of the camera are two main reasons I chose the Note 3.


After supper I asked m-i-l for her recipe.  She obliged.  I took another picture.


banana bars-2

Click for the original recipe page.




So far, my entire Note 3 experience is wrapped up in me being amused and getting what I want.


My inner technology toddler is thrilled.


So, what’s your current favorite cell phone?





13 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Farm Hands”

  1. Anne Wheaton

    Love that sketched image. My phone is rubbish at taking photos, though it’s pretty good at making phone calls so I guess that’s the main thing.


    • Emily Grace

      Thanks, Anne!

      I do so love the camera feature, but really, I often wish I just had a plain phone! I’m a bit of introvert, and technology at ones fingers works against that! LOL


  2. Let's CUT the Crap!

    My phone is a Samgung Galaxy something. It’s a year old and I’ve only made one phone call on it. It’s a pay-as-you-go for emergencies only. Haven’t played with the toys on it, nor taken pictures. In fact I keep checking my purse to make sure it’s where it’s supposed to be. 😦


  3. the south dakota cowgirl

    I’m an iPhone girl. But everything in my life is from Apple. iPad, iMac, MacBook… and I don’t have time for technology that refuses to communicate or requires additional apps to do so. 😉 I just want everything to play nice and work together!



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