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The Friday Favored: 37th edition






The Friday Favored: 37th edition


Last week we talked about putting a lid on your holiday shopping list.


recap-2 feature

I hope that was helpful.



This week I have something else you can put a lid on…and then give it away.

beef sausage-7


I’m not sure why I feel such raging urges to put lids on things this Christmas.  I must need closure.

I am accepting counseling in the comments section.



Basic Country Beef Sausage Mix:

A few years ago I was at a beef conference and happened upon a beef sausage recipe at the Beef Checkoff booth.


beef sausage-1


It’s a quick easy recipe that I multiply by 13 in order to create about one cup of seasoning…


beef sausage-2


…a fitting amount for a half pint mason jar…


beef sausage-4


…except I couldn’t find any half pints when I was taking these photos…


beef sausage-6


…thankfully it tastes the same no matter which size jar you have on hand.


beef sausage-5


Of course, if you decide to gift this delicious mix, you’ll be prepared with the proper size jar, right?  Or maybe you’ll mix it up and pour it in a bag.   There’s no chance to put a lid on the bag, but your recipient probably won’t mind.

Just love on the people with some beef seasoning, I say!


When I use this seasoning, I add one tablespoon to one pound of meat.

Ground beef (or ground venison).


beef sausage-3

I confess, the meat in these pictures is not pure beef.  It’s ground beef & ground venison. 

It’s the blend I had on hand y’all and since we don’t pick on the other proteins, I can tell you that without getting in trouble with my Farmer.  Indeed!  We are respecters of proteins and even let them mingle.  Besides, that young buck from last winter needed some beef lovin’ so it wouldn’t shrivel into jerky at the mere sight of my skillet. 

Mmmm hmmm.  Truth be told, veni-beef is my preferred blend.   How about you?



beef sausage-8

I’m ever so happy to tell you that this pound of meat plus seasoning became little sausage meatballs.  My Farmer was very happy.



For the Recipe:

Basic Country Beef Breakfast Sausage

This recipe, as it is, makes a great hamburger, too.  For breakfast, we like more sage and pepper in ours – adjust to your liking and enjoy!


Share the yum!

Blessed Holidays.

Merry Christmas,
Emily Grace


What’s on your homemade Christmas list?




More seasoning options:

Italian-Style Beef Sausage

German-Style Beef Sausage

Beef Sausage Gravy

Mexican-Style Beef Sausage

Asian-Style Beef Sausage

Cajun-Style Beef Sausage



We’re putting a lid on everything this Christmas!  More Friday Favored anyone?

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