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The Friday Favored: 36th edition

I’m rarely ready to accept Thanksgiving is over until the following week.  I tend to hang on to this holiday as long as possible.


Thanksgiving first. 

Gratitude becomes us.

Christmas next week.


In short, I require a second helping of turkey and dressing, leftover pie and the first Sunday of Advent to motivate my brain into the next party mode.



Regardless, it’s Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, and I want to schedule a Friday post for y’all to enjoy.

Whoa, she just rewinded this post 3 days.

Yeah, I did – is that okay?  Are bloggers supposed to act like they are here all the time all over the world?  I just can’t take that kind of pressure! 


Indeed, it’s Tuesday the 25th and I am scheduling a Friday post for y’all because I’ll no more be in Christmas shopping mode Friday than I am today, but shopping is what many do around here on the day after Thanksgiving…


…a few of you may be pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down.  You, too, prefer hiding from the herds Friday.  My Farmer and I surely will be nowhere near the chaos.  If we shop at all, we will be clicking our way to the checkout online sans herds.

We know about herds.  Hungry, demanding, space-clogging herds.



Friday, instead of fighting human avenues, we’ll be keeping our ladies fed and happy while magically this post will appear encouraging you to include simple, affordable and ingenious in your online shopping list with…


recap-2 feature


Recap Mason Jar Lids


They’ve been around a while – pinterested to the nth degree – probably old news.  But I do so love them.



Do you have an office-full to purchase a small gift for?


Are you in charge of your mother-in-law’s stocking stuffer?




Does your bachelor brother need something to streamline his quinoa storage?




These nifty lids are a great addition to any kitchen, bachelor pad, craft room, sewing nook, blogger desk, etc.




Evidently, I use mine for honey!








Once opened…




…it stays opened.




Available in regular and wide mouth – various color options, too.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Blessed Holidays.

Merry Christmas,
Emily Grace


I know you’re tired of leftovers, but I have to ask More Friday Favored anyone?

13 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 36th edition”

    • Emily Grace

      Ha! I do not know a life with lost jars…instead the size I’m looking for is often not available…I should buy more! 🙂 Let me know if you find yours…I’ll celebrate with you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aquila

        Some were in the attic, a few on the porch the rest in a box in the basement. Now all neatly boxed and ready to go to the storage bin. Maybe I’ll be able to get them out come June and hopefully a place to live.


      • Aquila

        I was putting things where I had space where the kids would leave them alone. Don’t know how or why those were on the porch, they were the big ones and it might’ve been the only place available at the time. It’s amazing what I’ve been finding, things I thought were lost or thrown away (that now will end up thrown away but at least I’ll know that’s what happened).


      • Emily Grace

        It is hard to find space for the big ones, that’s for sure.

        I agree, solving mysterious disappearances of household goods is a good thing! 🙂


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