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The Friday Favored: 35th Edition

It’s a phone pic Friday around here…




The Friday Favored: 35th Edition



1.)  Quiet:

The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.


Excellent. book.

I recommend it as a great listen.



2.) Courtship:

Remember when Tom would only watch Ivory bathe in the setting sunlight?

ivory-3 ivory-9



He’s totally upped his game.

Really, I knew this was courtship because my cats never bring me gifts.  I like it that way.



Dude!  Two samples of fresh meat?  You must really like this girl!


Yeah, mom, I do.


Look at him – glancing away while she checks out his gifts.

Umm, Tom.  Ivory is such a lady.  Mice and frogs are not her thing.  She also doesn’t like walking in the grass.  She likes to be inside if possible.





Since Ivory didn’t want the catch of the day, Tom settled for some city-girl-food.

Tom says he’s fine with that.  It’s hard to lose track of your girlfriend when she only eats on the porch and is always within a 20 foot radius of her house.




3.) Day Care:

Last week I mentioned Buddy’s girl friend for a couple of weeks.



And I told you he thinks she’s nice…enough…so long as  treats are evenly distributed.


Well, she’s a sweetie for sure…and she’s in my chair!


A lot of good it does me to complain.





4.) I don’t celebrate Halloween:

IMGP1652 IMGP1645


It’s too boring after living with these for almost two years, pleading the blood of Jesus over writhing carcasses on sticky traps and learning we don’t die from the bites.

Peace be with you.

Boo  Moo



5.) Beauty and the Bull:


IMG_5430My farm wife friend, Katie, has been busy promoting the autumn bull sale at Burns Herefords tomorrow.


Bulls like that make babies like these…


…And farm wives like me happy.


 I need variety on the pasture.  Solid black gets old after a while.  Thankfully, my Farmer indulges my visual needs with his hot farmer body with beautiful brown cattle out in the fields.



Sell it, Katie.  The world needs brown Hereford babies making life grand.


Emily Grace

How now brown bull?


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