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The Friday Favored: 34th Edition

In case you are wondering, the hair on the chinny-chin-chin of baby calves is just as sweet as it seems.  When bottle feeding I get to scratch chins.




The Friday Favored: 34th Edition



1.)  Book Bloom:



One of my August reads.  I’m happy for this book and the place it fills in the library.  It was an enlightening and hearty true story of a young couple’s surprise at birthing a Down Syndrome daughter and their growing forward together.




2.) Bison:

You’ll be seeing more of these ladies soon.



Yes, these are ladylike bison.  Mind your manners.




3.) Day Care:

Buddy’s girl friend for a couple of weeks.



He thinks she’s nice…enough…so long as  treats are evenly distributed.



4.) Calving Season Sample:


I thought you might like to see a sampling of life right now on our farm.  Since it’s calving season, there are lots of new baby bovine showing up on the pasture daily.  Mamas are busy with the endless rounds of eat, sleep, nurse, clean, watch for coyotes & mischievous spring calves.  Repeat.



Cows and spring 2014 calves.



Spring calf mischief.


 Mama fix it.


calving-16Hungry calf.


Thump. Knocking milk down.


calving-18 calving-19

Full tummy.

Bath time.

calving-20 calving-28 calving-27 calving-26 calving-25 calving-24 calving-23 calving-22 calving-21


I thought you were already clean enough.



Shows how much I know, huh!


Calves these days.

calving-32No offense, big mama.


And off they go for mama to graze and make more milk.



Gorgeous Hereford-good-looks compliments of a Burns Bull.



Emily Grace

How now brown cow?


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6 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 34th Edition”

  1. Anne Wheaton

    Aaah. I miss not having cows and calves. It always amazes me how tolerant the cows are when the calves “thump” – makes me glad not to be a bovine mama! Mind you, I’m also glad not to be a porcine mama too when I see the sharp little teeth of piglets.



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