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The Friday Favored: 32nd Edition



The Friday Favored: 32nd Edition



1.)  Reincarnation:

Have I ever mentioned that if I believed in reincarnation, I would want to come back as a squirrel?  It’s true.  This is a long held personal opinion of mine.  I was reminded of it this week when I visited Ben’s site, Nest of Squirrels.

His tagline is “Acorns. And scurrying.”  How great is that?!

My opinion on squirrels being the correct reincarnation for me is due to how my brain works – like Ben said -acorns and scurrying.

Acorns – thoughtful considerations that I must store away.

Scurrying – moving on quickly and (seemingly) randomly.




2.) Favorite:


Like urban growers stretching tall for city sunshine.

Like urban growers stretching tall for city sunshine.



I stare at this image from this week’s FarrrTHUR.  Just stare and stare and stare.  It’s the first sunflower I ever met and the pleasure was all mine…in town.

Seriously.  Ag happens in the city.



3.) Anthem:

A few weeks ago I mentioned clicking over to vote for this national anthem singing contest.  In order to qualify to compete, the participants were required to have agriculture in their background – 4-H, FFA, family farming, etc.  Scholarships were the prizes.

And the winner is:


Lindsay Webber


For complete contest results,

to read Lindsey’s bio

AND to listen, visit the Anthem contest site.




4.) Foggy Autumns:

Do you enjoy the foggy autumn mornings and evenings?

foggy autumns 1


This was the front yard scene last evening.

Foggy autumns mornings are especially meaningful to me.

How about you?




5.) Choco Bundt:


This showed up in a file I was editing this morning.  For shame – I don’t remember which recipe it is.  I only vaguely recall this kitchen scene.

choco bundt


I will work on figuring out this choco (chip and melted, oh my!), coconut, pecan mystery for us.




6.) Calving season update:

I went out last evening to find baby calf photo ops for us to enjoy here today, but all the calves were hiding.


So, I asked C-5 for a photo op.  She obliged.

pasture update 1

What do you think…is she pregnant?


Do you think Queen Josephine knows the answer?

pasture update 2


Honestly, I don’t know if Josephine knows about cow pregnancy.  I like to think she does.

pasture update 3

For sure, she knew her own pregnancy, because that smaller gal behind her is her daughter, Benelli – two years old now and all grown up!


Did you have a good week?

Emily Grace



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11 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 32nd Edition”

  1. Anne Wheaton

    Don’t come back a squirrel and sit on the wall just outside the kitchen as you nibble at one of our precious walnuts that you’ve just thieved from the tree because you’ll meet an untimely end. Poor C5 looks fit to burst while Josephine looks as though she knows all the answers.


    • Emily Grace

      Ha! Point taken. I would rather have that walnut in one of your yummy creations!

      You answered correctly! C-5 is due any day now. Her milk is coming in, etc., too.

      Indeed, that is why Josephine is the Queen.


  2. countrylinked

    Your pregnancy post is one of, it not my favorite that you have written! I have many favorites of yours, but I will never for get that one. It totally made since!
    Laurie – Country Link


  3. inesephoto

    Josephine’s face is so funny on that portrait 🙂 l love your donkeys, they always make me smile.

    Listened to the contest winner and the other three girls – beautiful!

    Coconut cookies is my guess. A chocolate addict variety.

    Thank you for your wonderful post!


    • Emily Grace

      Thanks for visiting, Inese!

      Donkeys are a perfect reason to smile.

      I need to go hunt that recipe and my memory of that bowl of ingredients! We must have the means of recreating it! 😉

      Liked by 1 person


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