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The Friday Favored: 29th Edition



The Friday Favored: 29th Edition



1.)  Please take note and celebrate:

On September 3, 2014, Bill Hamilton transitioned over into complete retirement.  He struggled with COPD and chronicled that side of his life as well as other stories on his blog.  He wrote for his granddaughter to know him.

I appreciated how he talked about death as his final retirement.  His candid approach to the emotional and relational struggles of chronic illness inspired me to deal with some of my “stuff” left over from when my Farmer was really sick years ago.  I never thought anyone could unlock those years for me, but Bill did.

Bill was notorious for including his eclectic playlist in his blogging.  Join me in celebrating Bill’s life with this 50s-60s playlist while you read today.




2.) The Corn Crib Repairs Update:

I’m telling you the Blonde Bearded Brothers have taken this place by storm.  Projects beware!  You will be finished!


Last week we left off with this



My Farmer and the Brothers jacked up the barn and replaced the main supports. pole-11 bob

They also tore off more siding until they found no rot.  Next they prepped the surface to have new siding put on.



And the same scene, opposite angle – just for excitement – with foggy autumn morning sun flare and sepia toning yielding visual nostalgia on this moving forward into the future.



Your old corn crib bones will stand for another generation to pile garden tools and park lawn mowers under you!…and there’s no telling what else you will do in the next 100 years of farming!




3.) The BoB Brand

BoB = Belle of Beef = my silly moniker for sassy days and poop covered ways.

pole-11 bob


I’m just marking my territory and keeping lust down in the community.

He is one my fiiiiinnnne farming man.



4.)I spilled the beans.

They went everywhere.  On my dirty floor.  On the just dusted pantry shelves.


And I picked them all up and put them back in the bag.  I figure I have to wash them later anyhow.

Do you put spilled beans back in the bag?



5.) Get that pole out of the yard!

There’s a power pole in the farm house yard and it cause my trees to be pruned harshly by the power company.


I requested about 7 years ago that it be moved at some point in the future.

I was thinking trees don’t like being hacked on in the way the power lines required.

And the guide wire is a pain to mow around and walk into.

And I imagine small children – energetic little boys – trying to shimmy up the pole or the guide wire.


At this point, please insert a mental image of my mother clapping and cheering at her computer screen as she reads this.  “Grandbabies, ” she exclaims, “Oh, how I want grandbabies!  Move that pole.  Move that pole!”  And tears of excitement probably begin to flow and Daddy shakes his head, pulls on his ear, rubs his beard and goes elsewhere to find something to do until she quiets down.


Finally the time has come for it to go away!  And I am so happy for my trees.  And my mother is so, so happy for the trees in a round about way.



My Farmer and the Blonde Bearded Brothers are trenching lines and laying wire and all manner of industriousness is happening yesterday and today.




And they propped the gate up against the old maple tree, and I thought it looked cool.


The hum of machinery in the yard continues.  Will keep you posted.


Emily Grace



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11 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 29th Edition”

  1. Anne Wheaton

    It’ll be much better with that pole moved and yes that gate does look cool propped up against the trees.
    Bet you can guess that I’d pick up the beans.


  2. thefarmpaparazzi

    After all the rinsing and soaking dry edible beans require to turn them into eating form, a little floor dirt won’t hurt. Plus it’s all about immunity building on the farm anyway. Maybe you should start taking bundt cakes to your local REA office regularly…a little bribery, I mean incentive, never hurt.


    • Emily Grace

      Do you reference an energy coop with REA? If so, HA! HAHAHAHA! Yes, I guess I could have bribed things down from a 7 year wait to maybe 3. 🙂

      My Farmer is always saying, “Don’t worry! That’ll build immunity.” Regardless, I still require him to wash his hands before supper. 🙂 And I will was those beans!




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