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The Friday Favored: 28th Edition

It’s been a good week on the farm.  So good, I’m a day late sharing with you.  I’m blaming it on my Farmer.  He whisked me away to a tiny spot in middle Tennessee – there was a diesel truck and hand-holdin’ involved. 🙂  Details below.



The Friday Favored: 28th Edition



1.)  Patriot Day

We went FarrrTHUR in boots on fields.

patriot point-1 quote



2.) Anthem Singing Contest

Go here to vote for your favorite rendition of our Star Spangled Banner by youth involved in agriculture!

The contest provides scholarships for college to the participants.  You can vote once per day through September 18.


Vote for AGRICULTURE STUDENTS singing our anthem!

Vote for AGRICULTURE STUDENTS singing our anthem!



3.) Blonde Bearded Brothers.

We found a couple of this variety of brothers at church last week.  They’re new to town and looking for work.

So, my Farmer set off to speak with them about an interim project whilst they wait for job interviews, etc.  He dialed them up on their cells and asked them to tear the siding off the front of a large old shed.  (I haven’t asked their permission to post pictures of them, so shed pics only today.)



They have us on our way to termite repairs!



…and none too soon considering the damage.  I just love it when extra sets of able hands show up.


This shed was probably built pre WW2.  My mother-in-law says it was always referred to as the corn crib.  We need to find a barn expert to tell us more since we don’t have any other documentation on it.




4.) Farmer-approved Book

In August, I found this series of books by Oliver North at the library.



My Farmer is really enjoying them.

What do you like about these books, my Farmer?
I enjoy the perspective Oliver North brings to media because of his military experience.



I flipped through and found this  –




It seems that somebody over there knew that farmer sometimes whip out their welders and improve things.  It may not be pretty, but it works!



5.) Whisked away for weed control

Our bush hog laid down and died on us recently.  (A bush hog is a large rotary mower.)

When any mower dies in the summer – and a summer with good rain like this one – the forages and weeds get out of hand F.A.S.T.  At our place, the fields become a cow hiding wilderness.  We’ve borrowed a neighbors bush hog to make as much progress as possible, but we needed another solution.  My Farmer shopped online a bit and found a 20′ wide one in middle Tennessee.  He whisked me away last minute to go shopping – farm equipment shopping is fun!

The guy we bought it from row crop farms and specializes in antique tractors, antique pulling tractors and parts.  His name is Cody Adgent and you can find his listings online or leave a note in the comments if you want to contact him.  These pics are all of his tractors, the bush hog we purchased (a Woods 3240 model)  and a rear view of the ride home.  Enjoy!

bushhog-2 bushhog-3 bushhog-4 bushhog-5 bushhog-6 bushhog-7 bushhog-8 bushhog-9 bushhog-10 bushhog-11 bushhog-12 bushhog-13 bushhog-14 bushhog-15 bushhog-16 bushhog-17 bushhog-18 bushhog-19 bushhog-20 bushhog-21 bushhog-22 bushhog-23 bushhog-24 bushhog-25 bushhog-26

bushhog-27 b

bushhog-28 bushhog-29



Emily Grace



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14 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 28th Edition”

    • Emily Grace

      Ha! No, his pants weren’t sagging.

      BoB is my silly name – short for Belle of Beef – I call myself BoB when I’m feeling especially sassy or am wearing lots of mud and poo.

      In these pictures, I am branding my Farmer. Pioneer Woman may flaunt her chaps-clad-husband, but mine is way to luscious for the general public. He must be disguised and marked so as not to cause unnecessary amounts of lust in the community. 😉


  1. inesephoto

    Great these helping hands are still there.
    Love the old tractors!
    I nominate you for a One Lovely blog award. If you have no time for this, it is OK, no worries. I just want the other bloggers to know about your wonderful blog. Thank you for your great work! 🙂



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