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The Friday Favored: 27th Edition



Can you believe it’s already September?

I can’t, but being 2 weeks away from autumn suits.  


Did you have a good August?

I sure did enjoy August.  I made a list at the beginning of the month and then forgot I’d made it – accidentally because of brain overload.  Turns out everything on the list was accomplished AND I reclaimed the vitality of several important nerve receptors.  I love it when there’s evidence that I’m more sane than I think I am 🙂  Anyhow, it’s great to be back here visiting with y’all

Here’s a look at August on the farm!



The Friday Favored: 27th Edition



1.)  Books!  Glorious books!

Some of the time I took from blogging in August, we filled with books.


Have you read any of these?




2.) Matchmaking

I decided Tom needed a girlfriend.

ivory-1Her name is Ivory Jewel.

When you look at her, she purrs.


She’s Farmer approved.



Ivory is an animal shelter adopted kitty.  She raised her own litter and two others because she’s just that maternal and playful.





Tom does not like her yet, but a few days ago he did soak up some late evening sunshine and watch her take a bath.

ivory-9I figure that was positive considering his male perspective.




3.) Ivory opens doors.

She’s quite intent on being an inside kitty.




If we don’t get up and deliver breakfast early enough to suit her…


She opens the screen door anyhow, assumes her perch and yowls.



I keep taking her on walks with me to help her be more adventurous and outdoorsy.  So far, she won’t even walk from the back porch to the front porch by herself.  Assimilation to farm life is slower for some of us than others.  We press on.





4.) Stop the tractors…

…in their tracks.  This.  THIS is what tractors were actually made for.  I’m sure of it.


The drive shaft that would normally power an implement – like a bush hog (brush cutting mower) – is churning fresh ice cream instead!



Oh, praises!

This is what August was made for, too!




5.) Lady Bundts A Lot

There were a lot of bundts around here recently.



Preceded by mom’s kabobs


And when we couldn’t eat any more, we watched her playful kittens that she adopted the same day we got Ivory.





6.) Good August Rains!





7.) Avoiding Turnip Shakes…

August Autopilot was about avoiding turnip shaking. 🙂

Gone-with-the-wind-hungry txt

I am amazed at how refreshed and refueled I felt creatively by the end of the month.  Blogging is not something I have training to do, so I think figuring it out and doing it simultaneously is a big task for me.  I really appreciate how so many of y’all continued to hang out here in August, even with the content being shifted to other writers and the photography limited to one image each week.


Hmmmm…so you can live without me.  Less than a year blogging and humble pie is baked and ready…again.


I’m okay with that.  Actually, I think I feel even more excited about blogging now.

So, maybe I can keep this up along with my other job.  Maybe I don’t have to make this harder than necessary.  What a concept!




8.) Married Sex

My blog fried Dara writes about life, race and culture.  For the last few weeks she’s posted about being married.  She’s dished on long stints away from her spouse (job related), divorcing him on Facebook (oh yes she did) and what married sex is and isn’t.  I followed along – even left some love in the comments.

Dara is smart and hilarious.  Go to Hotlanta and get yourself some delightful interesting reads…it’s the best way to go to Atlanta in August and early September.

A/C all the way! 78 and precious little humidity in this house!




9.) Photography Practice

I was purging some storage space and found my light reflector.  I used this in portrait and wedding photography back in the day.  It seems to still work just fine.




Isn’t light wonderful?

Do you enjoy how its principles processed creatively and mathematically through photography are dependable and satisfying?

I’m feeling warm and fuzzy about this seashell on a 1940s enamel table.  Kiawah Island memories, meet my antiques.  The pleasure is all mine.




That’s all folks!  Y’all have a great weekend!

Emily Grace



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14 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 27th Edition”

  1. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

    Emily Grace – I was so excited to see your blog pop up in my reader. I so like it when the reader works the way it’s supposed to and not on just some crazy whim all it’s own. I too am happy August is over and more than ready for fall. Summer was late to arrive in Arkansas so my bet is that it will be late in leaving.
    The new feline additions to your family make me want to run and not walk to our local rescue but that will have to wait a bit.
    The farmers and ranchers are having a tough time here. Weather has not been their friend and many crops have been plowed under. It breaks my heart as I know how hard they’ve worked and what it means when they’ll not have a harvest yet again for another year.


    • Emily Grace

      Hi Sheri! Thanks for stopping by!

      I appreciate you understanding the long wait involved for the farmers and ranchers when circumstances go awry. My Farmer and I are always glad to speak with someone who understands we’re long-term planners and reapers here in agriculture.

      I hope you and yours are well. You’re on my list to visit again. Soon. Until then…
      Emily Grace

      Liked by 1 person

    • Emily Grace

      Hi Sonia! Yes, this year has flown – but then I think I wake up every year and think this right before Autumn.:) I’m dependable that way!

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a lovely Autumn.

      Emily Grace



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