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The Friday Favored: 26th Edition



The Friday Favored: 26th Edition
                                agriculture art collection series




Cardoso, how did you know that instead of putting your head in your feed trough you could play chicken with the farm hand when you were growing up?…Did you think it strange or fitting that we named you after your farm hand because you played?


Cardoso, how do you know not to tear down the fence in my back yard whilst you wait for our Farmer to take you to the pasture the bulls live in?…and how is it you carry on such great conversations with me?  Did Katie teach you this?  Most likely.


Cardoso, do you know your one horn is quite fetching?


Cardoso, do you know I would like to enlarge this image of you on something “cleanable” and mount your mug as a backsplash in my kitchen?…then whether you’re here or at the bull pasture we can still talk about the day together.


Cardoso, do you know I think you’re quite the gentleman and my Farmer calls you “a really good bull” with affection in his tone?  Yes, he does, big guy!


Cardoso, do you know you’re helping feed the world?…I know, making babies with the pretty ladies is no hardship, but we sure do appreciate how you’re good at your job.  You know that, right?


know so cardoso-1txt


I have this things for males of the species that are good natured, skilled, conversational and strong.  They restore something to life that everyday wear and world chaos impinge.




Cardoso – he’s a Burns Hereford.

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11 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 26th Edition”

  1. Katie

    Oh Cardoso – where for art thou? I did not teach him to be a good boy … he is just a good boy because of his Hereford genes 😉 Glad you love your stud muffin and thanks for the shout out!


  2. FlaHam

    Emily, Cardoso has a great job and a great life. And he has the appreciate of both you and Farmer. In my eyes that’s hard to beat. Have a great weekend and tell Cardoso to keep up the good work. Take care, Bill



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