a story of Southern agriculture

FarrrTHUR 14 – Eat Your Sunshine!

Welcome to FarrrTHUR!

Ha!  That sounds like this is a one horse country town.  If so, I vote that it is a little place you pass somewhere on a state road between Atlanta and New Orleans (Kansas City and Denver if you’re in the Midwest/West).  It’s the town where you just stop looking at the mileage signs because your bum becomes more numb when you see the official measurements.

That’s right people – learning about agriculture is a never ending journey.  I should know – I’ve been at this a decade!


At least the snacks are good and plenteous, right!  This is American agriculture  in the South y’all – that means we have peanut butter!

Praises.  I can make it with peanut butter to help me.


Truthfully, just when I think I have gone far enough and learned a lot about farming and know more than I bargained for when I married that hunk of a good farmin’ man, I have to open my brain back up and put something else agricultural in the box.

Thankfully, journeys can be fun and fascinating.

Numb bums and all.


FOR INSTANCE: What if you could amuse yourself with interactive agriculture maps that show crops eating sunshine?


No, really, I’m serious!


This week, I want to invite you to go FarrrTHUR with me at Lauren’s blog Paint The Town Ag.


Lauren is a teacher and farmer’s wife in northern Virginia.  She takes her classroom and her community farther in agriculture each week – three times.  Recently, she shared a delightful online tool for seeing crops eat sunshine.




Enjoy making yourself smarter and your day brighter. 🙂




I’ll see you next week in fine form – back from August Autopilot!

Emily Grace




How do you take your sunshine?

Beach, back yard, D supplements?

Peanut butter loves me and I it.  Do you love it?


Wanna go FarrrTHUR?



8 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 14 – Eat Your Sunshine!”

  1. Anne Wheaton

    Thanks for the link. I love maps, I love agriculture and I LOVE all those wonderful maps. Can’t decide now which is my favourite so will have to sneak back later and take another look.



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