a story of Southern agriculture

The Friday Favored: 25th Edition



The Friday Favored: 25th Edition
                                agriculture art collection series



faith valor wisdom AGRICULTURE


Irises go with February, Tennessee (state flower) and 25th’s (anniversaries).

The three upright petals signify faith, valor and wisdom…  (source)


recap-12 ART


…And I think those words go well with living in a modern world –

with farming in a modern world – because for all the beauty a farm iris shows, it also parallels what  farmers bring to the fields each spring about the time the irises do their work…



Did you know FARMS are staring down 2050 and feeding the world?…or else.


But enough about borrowing tomorrow’s troubles –

recap-12 quoted


Living it out on the farm. 🙂
Emily Grace


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6 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 25th Edition”

  1. FlaHam

    Emily, When we lived in Northern Virginia Irises were one of my wifes favorite flower and mine to for that matter. But my wife created the most fantastic garden in our back yard. Something was in bloom from Feb to Nov and even beyond with the Mumms. Thank you for sharing this. Take care, Bill



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