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Tiny Owl’s Bad Hair Day

I know I just blogged for the weekly FarrrTHUR series, but y’all this owl is speakin’ to the humidity situation down South here. 🙂

They don’t make hair product for this – I don’t care what you’re peddling. It don’t work. 😉 LOL

Wilted and blessing the a/c,
Emily Grace

sweet afternoons

We have reached full on sticky mode for summer in Illinois or ‘hot buggy weather’ as Panda likes to refer to it. If you live in a humid area of the world, you may know what we are dealing with here.

I began painting this little owl yesterday after my morning walk with the boys. When we returned, the volume of my hair had doubled in size and I knew exactly what was happening. No amount of anti-frizz styling syrum can hold up to the reality of a real Midwest summer. It’s time for baseball hats and elastic hair ties. I attempted a small braid in hopes of taming the beast, but as my bobby pin popped back out and I heard the sound of bouncy springs, I gave in and gave up.

You may remember Tiny Owl from another of my paintings, ‘Tiny Embrace’. He was so small in…

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