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Good Eatin’. Cool Kitchen.

I’m no food blogger, but my blog’s name seems edible, so I am looking toward posting a bit of food related content here…the kind that comes directly from my kitchen instead of the barn. 🙂  Today I’m going to ramble a bit about crock pots and dessert.


Currently, my kitchen enthusiasm is centered on my crock pot/slow cooker.


It’s hot out…okay, maybe we’re having a milder August than usual, but still…  Let’s not use the oven.


Instead, we feast from my favorite crock pot site.  I call her the “crock pot goddess” when I’m explaining at church suppers what I’ve made from her site.  She simply calls herself Tiffany and helps you Eat At Home.

Tiffany compiles 100 summertime crock pot recipes from her own and fellow bloggers’ sites.  I followed along a little bit last year, but I really dove in this year.

For Tiffany’s list of 100 Days of Summer Slow Cooker Recipes, go here.


You can even make hardboiled eggs in the slow cooker.  No, really, you can.



Here are a few of Tiffany’s Summer Slow Cooker ideas I’ve tried:


Day 4 = Pineapple Upside Down Cake – it was a hit at the church supper and at a Memorial Day Cookout.  So simple.  I recommend “baking” it on HIGH in your crockpot.



Day 42 = Creamy & Cheesy Crockpot Chicken and Rice

summer kitchen-11


Getting a dish like this out of the slow cooker doesn’t make for carefully arranged plate photos in my world…

summer kitchen-12

…thankfully, my Farmer could care less.  He pauses for photos and then enjoys!


Day 46 = Chicken Artichoke Lasagna

This sounded so delicious that I doubled it and made one crock pot version and two baked casserole versions – one of which I have in my freezer awaiting a freezer-to-oven trial.


I typically follow Tiffany and her fellow cookery bloggers instructions, but I decided to freestyle a bit on this one because I had a large zucchini staring at me from a remote corner of my kitchen countertop.

Can I get a witness?! 🙂

So, I sliced that staring zucchini up…


…sautéed the pieces on each side in my iron skillet with olive oil and then used the zucchini slices instead of lasagna noodles.  I sautéed the zucchini slices because it was a big zucchini, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to help it along in the tenderness department.



It baked up nicely with no other recipe alterations.

I baked it in my countertop convection oven that my husband put on his Christmas list.



It turned out awfully pretty and absolutely delicious.

Many thanks to Tiffany at Eat At Home for a great summer of slow cooker resources!…that I occasionally bake in the oven. 🙂



Did you know you can cook fish in the slow cooker?

The Publix seafood guys are so friendly – so I recently came home with a pound a tilapia and no plan.

No problem.

Crockpot Tilapia – Basically, place the fish on the foil, season, wrap, place in crockpot, turn on crockpot, walk away.  Enjoy fish done right in about 2 hours.

summer kitchen-7



Now, this has nothing to do with slow cookers, but it’s probably the most important part. 🙂

summer kitchen-1


Monkey Bread / Plucking

I happen to prefer the latter name.

Either way, my Farmer and I teamed up to make this for an anniversary dinner at church a few weeks ago.  The dough is homemade and it’s so easy and tasty.

summer kitchen-2


summer kitchen-3


summer kitchen-4

We don’t mind the canned biscuits versions, but this dough was definitely worth the extra work.


I forgot to take a picture of the finished deliciousness, so a deacon did it for me with his smartphone.

summer kitchen-13

Then he started talking about his specialty, Angelic French Toast with bacon and texted me a pic of that, too…

summer kitchen-14


… and I thought, “you just never know what a deacon eats for breakfast – and look he uses Watkins cooking spray, too…”  🙂


In the end:

summer kitchen-5

summer kitchen-6

Thanks to Sally’s Baking Addiction for a delicious recipe and easy instructions.


Yum, y’all!
Emily Grace


What have you been cooking lately?

21 Responses to “Good Eatin’. Cool Kitchen.”

  1. the south dakota cowgirl

    Here’s a funny, food related story, sort of…

    My folks were up visiting during branding three years ago. We’re all sitting around the supper table, talking about the colts my mares had had that year. There were three of them. My mom says, “Jenn, I can never remember what you named Shuttle’s colt?”

    “His name is Rival”.

    “Oh! Like the crockpot!”

    To which my cowboy says, “Thanks, Lyn. I hadn’t decided what *I* was going to call Jenn’s horse yet and you’ve just made it easy for me!”

    I have two crockpots and I rarely use them. :/


    • Emily Grace

      That’s funny, SDC!

      If you find two recipes and get those crockpots rolling, let me know. I will celebrate with you here at the blog!!


    • Emily Grace

      You’ll feel like a pro when you do, Alisa. The crock pot tamed the fish cookery task like no other. 🙂

      Have I missed a message from you about Buddy’s portrait?


      • Alisa Belzil

        Awesome! I have even passed your crock pot tip over to a friend to try as well. And yes, I did respond to your email but I can resend it, no prob 😄 Also, thank you kindly for the reblog yesterday as well! The humidity is by far in the ‘unbearable’ zone again, so tiny owl says it all hehe. Hang in there!


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