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The Friday Favored: 24th Edition



The Friday Favored: 24th Edition
                                agriculture art collection series



Morning CARDIO


If only someone would take my lead rope

my willing but oft thwarted motivation

and steer a Japanese quarter horse (that means the ATV) one-handed while I enjoy a brisk morning on hoof.


cardio-1-2 txt


This Georgia mare certainly likes her morning routine.  While I was at her farm a few months ago I took just this one photo – her pleasure in seeing her farm hand and going for a jog took up any presence of mind I had to snap more photos – and she outpaced me a bit, too.

No matter.  Good memories suffice, and you can come along with mine in this one delightful image.


She greeted everyone in her neighborhood – a sort of morning paper route with all the news and none of the paper.



This post is linked up at Finding Beauty Friday.


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14 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 24th Edition”

  1. inesephoto

    I love that morning cardio 🙂 Have to confess that I would be only grateful if someone led me on a rope for a morning jog… Seems that it doesn’t work any other way…


  2. Myla

    Truth be told, I worked my barrel horse using our ATV more times than I’d like to admit. It WAS handy!


    • Emily Grace

      Indeed! 🙂 I am not a horse trainer/rider, so I had never seen this until the day of this photo. I found it curious and full of ingenuity. The mare was thrilled! 🙂


  3. FlaHam

    Emily, it was almost like taking the dog out for it’s morning run. I looked and looked and it took 30 seconds to get over the horse just trotting along with the ATV, how cool is that. Thank you for sharing the picture and your thoughts. Take care, Bill



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