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FarrrTHUR 12 – How to deal with NEGATIVITY in FOOD conversations

Hi Farmers, Friends and Food Conversationalists!


I hope you’re having a great August.  So far, we are enjoying milder-than-usual temperatures, good rains and a bit of a slower pace here at the farm, though our other job has not slowed down at. all.

No matter.  We have a delightful August of blogging on the schedule because these wonderful agriculture bloggers are letting me use their stuff.  Many thanks to each of them!…and to you for clicking over and going FarrrThur in ag. 🙂


This week I’m pleased to introduce you to Ryan Goodman from Agriculture Proud.  He grew up in Arkansas on a family cattle ranch and has taken his heritage in agriculture personally – he’s proud of and educated in the field of agriculture – specifically cattle.  Currently, he is the Communications Manager for the Montana Stockgrowers Association.

Ryan is what we (meaning ag bloggers) would call one of the “big names” in our little group that’s trying to communicate with consumers and encourage farmers/ranchers…

…but I can tell from his attitude he doesn’t know how successful we think he is.  Ryan seems just plain interested in furthering agriculture through communication…

…This type of nonchalant, genuine skill and focus is readily found in agriculture.  Remember, farmers and ranchers make food out of dirt – it’s not a realm that fosters divas.  So, while Ryan is Agriculture Proud, my Farmer and I are really pleased and proud to know he’s using his personal skills and hardworking education to promote Agriculture.  We hope you’ll click over and read at his site.




Specifically, I’d like to highlight his post on How to deal with negativity in food conversations.


Sometimes farmers and ranchers feel frustrated before they even start to talk because assumptions don’t give them a real chance to communicate anyhow.


If you’re in agriculture and needing some communication encouragement and planning…

If you’re a curious consumer…

If you’re just here to go FarrrTHUR and like Montana scenery and horses and cows…


Go visit Agriculture Proud. 🙂


Emily Grace


Wanna go FarrrTHUR?



9 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 12 – How to deal with NEGATIVITY in FOOD conversations”

  1. lifecorked

    What a cool site! I have no idea why I’m so drawn to your little ag community, but I love it! It’s the part of me that yearns for wide open spaces and salt of the earth people. Look forward to learning more!


    • Emily Grace

      You fit in here, Chenoa! You know hard-earned life lessons and family and what salt of the earth people feel like. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are feeling better.


  2. FlaHam

    Emily, Soft smile, my mind is open to all manner of bloggers and blogs, my reader is a cross section of our world. I wish Ryan much success, and you continued success. Take care, Bill



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