a story of Southern agriculture

The Friday Favored: 23rd Edition



The Friday Favored: 23rd Edition
                                agriculture art collection series





Farmers aim to do a lot of tasks.

Most days there’s a hitch in their plans – a problem be it weather, mechanical failure, livestock shenanigans, etc.



And most days there’s another hitch in their plans –



– a tool for connection.



I envision a tall, narrow wall print of this image on some urban cowgirl/boy’s apartment wall.

Since I don’t have the wall space for such a print – yet – I just walk by the truck and drive it whenever I can get away with it.  I do so love a diesel dually, a gooseneck trailer in my rearview and a good farmin’ man holding my hand across the console.

Can I get a witness? 😉






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10 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 23rd Edition”

  1. Anne Wheaton

    haha – fab photo.
    Very apt post today – my farmer had a full day of plans but the electricity to the barns keeps blowing and there’s been a lot of muttering and sucking in of breath by the electrician. Not the sort of hitch that can be fixed by a farmer wielding a big hammer!


  2. FlaHam

    Emily, you will get hundreds of witnesses, and I will be one of them. AMEN. Take care, have a great Friday. Bill


  3. countrylinked

    Awwww!!!!! In LOVE with this image! I could see it on hanging on my hallway wall. 🙂

    We too had a hitch into day’s plans. Sorted off bulls to be taken to the test/feeding station. They all worked and looked good, but the real test is how them look come sale day in February.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!



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