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FarrrTHUR 11: Beef is Killing the Planet…and Elvis is Riding a Rainbow-Belching Unicorn

This week, we’re going FarrrTHUR in agriculture with the Bovidiva!

Her post titled “Beef Is Killing the Planet…and Elvis Is Riding a Rainbow-Belching Unicorn” snagged my attention a few weeks ago, and I wanted oh-so-desperately to share with my Beef & Sweet Tea people how research and sarcasm and women in this industry can be such a delightful way to take your agriculture knowledge and conversations…you guessed it…FarrrTHUR. 🙂

So, without further ado, I introduce to you Jude Capper, Ph.D. She’s a beef sustainability expert who blogs at http://www.Bovidiva.com, where she also provides links to recent posters, presentations, publications and videos pertinent to her career as an independent sustainability consultant.

You could go a lot farther in agriculture by camping out at her site for a while…and I hope you will.

Best, y’all!
Emily Grace


BurgerMy Twitter feed just exploded. Yet another study has been released claiming that if we all just gave up beef, the planet would be saved, Elvis would come back from the dead, and rainbow-belching unicorns would graze the Northern Great Plains. I may have exaggerated a little with the latter two claims, but the extent of media coverage related to the paper “Land, irrigation water, greenhouse gas and reactive nitrogen burdens of meat, eggs and dairy production in the United States” seems to suggest that the results within are as exciting as seeing Elvis riding one of those unicorns…but they’re also about as believable.

Much as we’d all like to stick our fingers in our ears and sing “La la la la” whenever anybody mentions greenhouse gases or water footprints, we cannot deny that beef has an environmental impact. Yet, here’s the rub – so does every single thing…

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7 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 11: Beef is Killing the Planet…and Elvis is Riding a Rainbow-Belching Unicorn”

  1. Anne Wheaton

    Some very wise words. Have just read the article and bookmarked the site to go back and read more. Thanks for sending me there 🙂


  2. FlaHam

    Emily, this is what I posted over on the Bovidiva’s post. It was a great article, thanks for pushing me in that direction. Take care, Bill

    Bovidiva, I came visiting at Emily’s suggestion and read your post with great interest, not that I am a farmer, or associated at all with the industry, but because as a consumer who likes his steaks mid-rare, I am just tired of hearing countless stories on why I shouldn’t enjoy my steak. I am no expert, will never claim to be, but your article makes sense to me. Thanks Bill



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