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FarrrTHUR 10 – the Four Thursdays of August


I like to think the cattle like my company.  I sure do miss them when the tall summer grasses hide them and when they stay in the bottom lands where it’s cooler.  Long, hot summer days can some times take my Farmer and me away from the herd because they are doing just fine on their grasses and not having babies.  We send Mr. Bull in to make babies for the next spring calving season, but otherwise, our minds are on other farm and off-farm jobs during July and August.

Needless to say, I get to missin’ the cloven-hoofed loves.








It’s August tomorrow. Can you believe it? School starts back around here next week.  The garden looks toasty.  My feet are actually tired of sandals.  My mind wanders 6 weeks forward….pumpkins – I can feel them in my bones.


The cows are ready for pumpkins, too, because we had such a mild week or so in July that we thought autumn was amongst us.    🙂


So, what am I trying to say?
I miss our cattle a little this time of year.
It’s midsummer and I feel like I’m on the glory side heading into fall.
It’s August tomorrow – do I think you came here for a calendar update?


What I aim to say is I’m putting the FarrrTHUR series on “autopilot” in August.

While I’m redirecting some of my energy in August, you’ll find excellent FarrrTHUR selections by bloggers I’ve never featured here before.


It’ll be a month of Beef and Sweet Tea on auto pilot because

– It’s hot, we’re all in transition, and life will just make more sense after Labor Day, right?

– I have some off-blog writing assignments that need my attention. I am still learning to do both.

– My Farmer is down with it. 🙂

– The writers you’ll find here on Thursdays will keep you from missing me, right?

Now, about missing Buddy Dog – that’s a given.  There’s just no avoiding missing that sweet pup.  He’s just good company through and through.

– The cattle don’t mind it a bit when I’m around more – indeed, I help the mamas out a bit…














The sensation of the grass pulling past his lips must have tickled, so he went frolicking off…


…but he decided it wasn’t a bad feeling and came back to finish our visit.



I may just wipe baby bovine mouths pick grass out of cattle lips all of August because they sure are curious and sweet.

It’s low on the farm chore list – a highly un-prioritized task all the way around, really – but I jump in there and get it done when possible, and I’m thinking having the time for a little bit of this is just what I’m hoping for. 😉



Thanks for stopping by today!  Please join me next week for a post from a Bovine Diva!


Emily Grace


There’s nothing like a little downtime is there?

I think you’ll enjoy the “Farm Art Gallery” selections I’ll be sharing with you from my personal collection each Friday in August!


Going FarrrTHUR anyone?




12 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 10 – the Four Thursdays of August”

  1. Caitlin | belong with wildflowers

    I hope you enjoy your autopilot time! It sounds like your hands are very full for the summer. I’m looking forward to “meeting” other agriculture guru’s through your blog + seeing the farm art gallery! Hope your summer is going smoothly 🙂


    • Emily Grace

      Hi Caitlin! Thank you for your encouragement and good wishes.

      We are well. I do so need a bit of downtime to finish a few things and plan for the rest of the year. It’s been a great August so far, and I am looking forward to sharing some of my refreshed thoughts and ideas with y’all in a few weeks. 🙂


    • Emily Grace

      Chenoa, thank you! You are my balance and perspective cheerleader, and I so appreciate that role God has you filling for me online. He knew I would need someone like you here! 🙂

      I hope you are recovering well. Best to you and your fam!


  2. Robyn

    Emily Grace,
    Enjoy the month of August and all it has to offer. I frequently have to remind myself to take a deep breath, take one day at a time and enjoy the process.


    • Emily Grace

      Well said, Robyn! I enjoy that approach, too, and sometimes everything gets out of my rein. August Autopilot is just the thing for me this summer. 🙂


  3. FlaHam

    Emily, thank you for sharing this, I am enjoying the process of learning more and more about you and your world, which is quite alien to mine. Though I do recognize a cow and horse. LOL — take care Bill


    • Emily Grace

      Thanks, Bill. I appreciate you coming over. I enjoy the conversation – your world perspective on mine is a great way to connect, and I very much respect your COPD work and the way you are sharing with your granddaughter. We’re both building bridges! 🙂



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