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The Friday Favored: 21st Edition

Hi there.  It’s the last Friday of July.  TGIF!


The Friday Favored: 21st Edition



1.) Rain, humidity, et al:


peachy-85 peachy-86 peachy-84 peachy-83

Is it getting to your fur?




2.) my Farm elementary school rhymes:

To be recited to the rhythm of “apples on a stick”



Cardinal on a gate




Looks just great


I hope he sees ahungryTomGray



Not hungry `cause he’s itchy.



Not hungry `cause he’s bored.



He’s hungry `cause he hunts back and forth between the barns.



I saw no cardinal carnage later.




3.) Attention Please – AA meeting this coming August:




AA in my world is Achievers Anonymous.


I’m tired y’all.  I admit it.  This first summer of blogging has been great, don’t get me wrong, but isn’t the first go `round of any job or task a little more taxing than the following times when you have your bearings?


Yeah, I’m not telling you hard working people anything you don’t already know.  Whether you farm or not, you have work ethic and experience and you know this bone tiredness and worn out creativity and the longing for a break.


So, I’m enrolling my inner achiever in late summer AA recovery efforts aimed at regaining a sense of balance and rest. 

Simply put, I’m taking a break in August.  BLOG-WISE: I’m putting Thursday and Fridays on autopilot for the five weeks of August.  


It’ll take a month of reminders to get myself recalibrated from the first half of the year and the summertime.  I’m looking forward to regrouping.  


– Thursdays, you’ll see a REblog every single week with only a brief introduction from me.  These are writers I haven’t featured before.  I think you’ll enjoy going FarrrTHUR with them.

– For Fridays, I’ve prepared and scheduled five Agriculture Art selections from my personal collection to post for you each week.  I will give you the setting and minimal details and let you enjoy the images.  I hope you’ll feel like you’re walking through my gallery throughout August and pausing to consider the large wall prints before you. (Imagine the stark white walls and optimally lit setting of an art gallery – plus, God’s good earth beneath your feet and possibly the faint wafting of cows breath, etc.)   hehe   🙂

I’ll still be hereabouts mostly visiting other blogs because I want to and miss the extra reading time I had a couple of months ago.  I’ll be available to answer your comments, too.  Please, feel free to comment.


I’m looking forward to my down time when my very full, tired brain can unwind a little bit – and then I know that lovely placement will begin to happen.

You know, that miraculous feeling that happens when you allow yourself some empty time and space – all the backlogged tasks and pent up stress recede – creativity and ideas you’ve had can leave their holding pattern to come in for a landing, taxi to a stop and unload.  Brain vacation!


And then, when we are almost done sweating and picking grass out of cows teeth (highlighted in this coming Thursday’s FarrrTHUR), – we’ll start dreaming of that first crisp autumn morning together.  I’ll be back in mostly normal form come early September.


Now, I’m going to go tame my laundry room, wax my eyebrows and write on my Farmer with a sharpie because I have time to and he needs a tattoo about as much as I need more humidity.


Claiming my Cool,
Emily Grace



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17 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 21st Edition”

  1. inesephoto

    You have got some sweet portraits of your dog! And the cardinal looks fantastic on the gate. Some color!
    Have a great August, and best of luck on your farm!


  2. Let's CUT the Crap!

    Enjoy your break. I will miss your sunny posts but to keep them bright, you need to be rested.
    I’ve been considering downtime but haven’t managed it yet. I’m addicted to the blogosphere.


  3. FlaHam

    Emily, I will look forward to August, seein how I have just recently started to follow and enjoy your work it will allow me the opportunity to learn more about you. Take care and enjoy August. And of course refire those motors. Have a fun time. Bill



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