a story of Southern agriculture

FarrrTHUR 9 – Summer produce glory

Fresh peaches from a farmers market or roadside vendor are an annually anticipated summer treat around here.


Have you ever tasted a ripe Southern peach?  It’s heaven in your mouth.  The jams and jellies are similar come winter.



Two of the top three peach producing states in the US are in the South – South Carolina (#2) and Georgia (#3) –

By the way, California is #1 and New Jersey is #4



Peaches date back to 1571 in Georgia and the late 1600s in South Carolina.

I can’t tell the difference between peaches grown in Georgia and South Carolina, but they seem to have a bit of competition between them – Georgia is officially nicknamed the “The Peach State” in the US, while South Carolina claims to be “The Tastier Peach State” – tastier than GA, I assume. 🙂



Fresh peaches are such a pleasure.  Their fragrance stops you midstride when you pass them in the kitchen.  They soak your chin and remove all notion of adult munching manners.  They are a joy.


We should know more about them. 

 Since beef is my area of expertise, I am learning with you.



Let’s take our US Peach Industry knowledge a little FarrrTHUR with these links:

National Peach Council

Peach production, export and import details.

Clemson’s Everything About Peaches site.

A brief history of South Carolina’s Peach Industry.

University of Georgia (UGA Extension) Peach history and resources.

The Georgia Peach – UGA College of Ag site.



Sweet. Juicy. Best.
Emily Grace



Peaches in NJ?  Fascinating.  I couldn’t leave that alone.  If you can’t either, here’s a site for consumer interest in Jersey Peaches – try the “History” and the “NJ Peach Industry Today” links.  🙂


Wanna go FarrrTHUR?

7 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 9 – Summer produce glory”

  1. FlaHam

    Emily, I love peach cobbler, peach slices, peach jelly, and peach juice. Wash the fuzz off and time to chow down. Mom canned peaches when I was a kid and made wonderful cobbler, she also made her own jellies, and jams. Oh and on the farm, grandpa made peach ice cream. Great post, I can feel the peach juice in my beard even now. Take care, Bill


  2. thefarmpaparazzi

    Fun fact about NJ being #4 amongst the peach growers. We get Palisade, Colo. peaches here in Wyo. I canned some for the first time and know they’ll taste extra good about January 15 when I’m sick of snow and wind and dreaming of July.



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