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FarrrTHUR 8 – Sweet Corn Flashback…

Sweet corn in the summertime attractively displayed at market, delicious on your grill, tasty boiled and slathered in butter, creamed in your bowl with salt and pepper – all came from seeds thoughtfully sown in the springtime.


My farmer’s market and grocery stores are chock full of local and regional sweet corn.   The prices are good and the flavor better.

How about yours?   How do you like to eat your sweet corn?


We’ve been enjoying sweet corn almost daily and have “put up” a few ears for later.  We freeze them in the husk because my Farmer is a big fan of steaming sweet corn in the husk.

We need to do a how-to post for you on that.  It’s so fast and easy.


While I enjoy favorite garden gifts, I like to think about where they came from.  My summertime flashbacks to sowers and seeds yield happy thoughts about small gardens and large fields.  I feel blessed with the quality and generosity of American farmers.

This week, while you are enjoying the bounties of American agriculture, not the least of which is sweet corn, come flash back with me about two months to a family farm and a sweet corn patch at CountryLINKed, so that you, too, can take your moments of savoring farther…


sweet corn laurie

…as in all the way back to the good Earth and the potential cultivated across generations.


Click over to Laurie Link’s lovely blog and watch her children plant the “Big Patch” with their granddaddy.  If possible, I think it will make your summer fare taste even better.


Emily Grace


Wanna go FarrrTHUR?

3 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 8 – Sweet Corn Flashback…”

  1. FlaHam

    Emily, Lord knows I love corn on the cob, and as much as I love corn on the cob I loathe creamed corn, and I am as to a lost as to why. As to how I like my corn on the cob served your “tasty boiled and slathered in butter” is great with a ton of salt. Yea I know salt isn’t good for you, but I am the one eating it. BTW the butter should be dripping down to your elbows. I do need a bib when I eat corn on the cob. Once off the cob, I always like it heavy in the butter with salt and pepper. Smiling yes there is a theme here. Thanks for firing up the taste buds. Take care, Bill


  2. The Friday Favored: 20th Edition | Beef and Sweet Tea

    […] My mother-in-law gathered a lot of eggs growing up and tells the story of how one day she was toodling down the row of nesting boxes gathering eggs – the next box she came to, she reached in for eggs and got a black snake instead! 🙂  No worries, she skidooed back to the house sans snake – and didn’t break a single egg in her basket.  Go Farm Kids! […]



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