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The Friday Favored: 19th Edition

We sure do hope you had a good 4th of July!

Here are a few highlights from our week – excepting the egg picture, these are unedited Pentax MX-1 photos.

I need to get back to that series – I love this little camera.


The Friday Favored: 19th Edition


1.) Something to do in a barn:


Olympic Music Festival – classical music performances held in a dairy barn on the Olympic peninsula of Washington state…picnic lunches…musicians in jeans cranking out concertos.

I’m thinking of adding this to my bucket list because adoration for barns and baroque are rarely intertwined geographically.

Have you been to the Olympic Music Festival in all its dairy barn glory?  Do you want to go to?




2.) The Dividing Line:


double yolk-20

The line where egg production timing merges and double makes you smile.



This week Lara, blogger and poultry professional, explained double yolks…She took us FarrrTHUR.

She also said some really nice things at her site to her readers about Beef and Sweet Team + me.

Thanks, Lara!


Besides her quick stop here, she consistently blogs about poultry industry issues and her everyday life at her blog My Other More Exciting Self.  She’s available for your turkey curiosity and chicken questions.

She even talked back to Dr. Oz this week. 

Respectfully, of course….with pink polka dots in the background, a touch of purple and plenty of professionalism.


It’s possible, you’ve never approached poultry this way before.  It’s Friday – go end your week on a high note with Lara.




3.) Oh Oooonly Yoooouuuu:

Can make all this world seem right. (click for a music link if you prefer to listen)


Oh ooonly you can make the darkness bright.


Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do…


And fill my heart with love for only you….


Oh only you can make this change in me.


For it’s true, you are my destiny.


When you hold my hand, I understand the magic that you do


You’re my dream come true, my one and only you.

Someone picked me flowers. 🙂  You know someone agricultural and special.



4.) Peppers:

My Farmer surprised me with a few plants after a trip to the Co-op this spring.  One of them is doing quite well – all of its own accord, I assure you, since I have not been keeping up with the garden as needed this year – but that just gives all the more encouragement to our enthusiasm for things that bloom where planted. 🙂

IMGP1597 IMGP1599 IMGP1600 IMGP1602

Ah, imperfection. 

It’s even more reason to appreciate those who grow amazingly perfect produce for the grocery stores.

Thankfully, “just right” is more the standard at home, and the rest of the pepper was fine…the worm had vacated by the time I started slicing. 🙂



Stay cool y’all!…as much as you can if your job keeps you outside a lot, like my Farmer.

Emily Grace


 How are ya? 🙂  Talk to me!



For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

22 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 19th Edition”

  1. Alisa Belzil

    I really enjoyed today’s post, Emily! The photo of the egg is so luminous. So many words come to mind. As for the worm in the pepper… I had the same experience with our farm corn this weekend, but the worm was still hanging out! Ahh


    • Emily Grace

      LOL! Corn can be so tempting those worms don’t let go!

      I was just thinking about you and your paintings this last week. Did I ever ask you if you take commissions?


      • Alisa Belzil

        Yes, especially if you cook it in the husks and it’s like… Surpriiiiise! – when you open it. Haha. Poor worm.
        And yes, I did respond to your commission inquiry, but here is my email again if you would like to chat that way 🙂 sweetafternoonsdesign@gmail.com I would love to work with you to capture an illustration of your beautiful salt and pepper Buddy Bear or whatever else you have in mind 🙂 I really love his muzzle! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. – Alisa


    • Emily Grace

      Hi Inese,

      The peppers in these photos I chopped and froze immediately. They freeze well without extra steps – just chop, put in a freezer dish, and freeze. Then, I will sprinkle frozen peppers on pizza or put them in soup or spaghetti.

      If I am not freezing them first, I will still use them in the same way. Sometimes I will stuff them full of rice and cheese and beef, then bake them as “stuffed peppers.”

      How’s your week going?


      • inesephoto

        Hi Emily Grace,

        Good to know, I thought that they are not good to freeze. I too stuff them and bake, or add a little water and cook for 30 minutes. I wonder if they can be frozen stuffed? Have to try:)

        I have been busy lately, but somehow unproductive… Now I will go and check out if you have posted something new:)

        Hope your week is going all right:)


  2. Susan

    After the birth of our son, money was tight and my service tech showed up at the hospital behind a big bouquet of hand picked tiger lilies – they tend to have the same effect on me……Thanks for the reminder!


  3. MNGobbleGal

    Thank you, Emily! You made me smile on this Friday afternoon. And I love your lily and pepper photographs – gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend!



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