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The Friday Favored: 18th Edition

Happy 4th of July!



The Friday Favored: 18th Edition


1.) I finally cut the mustard.

battery power-1

My Farmer assisted for the final measurements.

Farmers are into measuring/measurable.   🙂


battery power-2

The teen garden helper took it to the pasture.  It was magically invisible by the next day.

Donkeys or cows?  Your guess is as good as  mine on who ate it! 🙂




2.) Itchy Scratchy:



a little lower…


Thanks, man.




3.) Ground Beef:

It’s the grilling season and the 4th – what better time to glance quickly at 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ground Beef!

Janeal over at Mom at the Meat Counter is a Ph.D. in Meat Science and a mom.  She highlights ten short points about beef in her blog post – all positive and very informative.

With a big grilling weekend ahead (or behind you if you’ve already logged off for the weekend and are reading this later) – it’s nice to have the facts straight, your shopping basket full of what you know you prefer to purchase beef-burger-wise, and your confidence intact as you feed your family.  Enjoy shopping with confidence with these beef facts from Mom at the Meat Counter. 



4.) The Beef and Sweet Tea 2014 Patriotic Blog Photo:

Am I allowed to recycle images?  I think so.

The Internet may be fast moving, but some things are timeless and worthy of consistent representation and remembrance.


patriot point-1 quote


Emily Grace


 What are your plans for the holiday?





I’m attending Country Fair Blog Party!

Come on over!

Fair fireworks are the best!


For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

8 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 18th Edition”

  1. inesephoto

    Hi Emily Grace! I had a visitor over the weekend, so I am reading this post only today. Sorry that after all the careful measurements your delicious garden was gone. Those donkeys look way too innocent to me… Have a great week! Inese


  2. inesephoto

    Hi Emily Grace! You know I like your blog and I nominate you for a Very Inspiring blogger award. Check out my last post:) My best wishes,


    • Emily Grace

      Inese – thank you so very much for the nomination. I am very honored. I will try to accept and fulfill the requirements of the award soon. It is not my wish to disregard your generous opinion, as this now makes two awards you have nominated me for and I have not fulfilled the terms of the first one, yet.



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