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FarrrTHUR 6 – Charge! and REcharge!

Seeing how we are celebrating freedom and independence this weekend,


And considering that farmers know that freedom = responsibility,


And that farm wives just want their farmers to come home at a decent hour – suppertime being ideal,


And since farm tires pick up all manner of punctures on and off road, usually NOT at the farm repair shop,


I thought I’d share a liberating bit of tried and tested, get-the-job-done and get-yourself-home tool genius with you today.


battery power-12
Battery power.  It yields freedom…so long as you charge responsibly. 🙂

That’s old news you say?

Typical battery powered tools are old news, I agree.  But I’m talking battery powered handheld air compressors.  We love and adore them here on the farm.


This battery powered air compressor will air up regular truck, semi (tractor trailer) and tractor tires.

battery power-9

It has nifty storage for extra chucks – those things that adapt the air hose to your tires and soccer balls.

battery power-10


battery power-8

The head of the hose reminds me of a bicycle hand pump.  Easy to attach and keep in place.

battery power-7

Strong farmer hands, not included. 😉


battery power-4

And that’s okay, because farm hands are not required.  This is a revolution in handy-ness that can be tucked into the tool box or trunk of many a traveler and laborer – making you the proverbial “minute man” of common modern mobility snags.




battery power-5

Ease of use: Just attach the chuck to the valve stem, lock the air chuck by folding the lever down parallel with the hose, and press the trigger of the air compressor like you would on a normal drill.  While the handheld compressor channels air into your tire, simply watch the air pressure rise on the convenient digital display screen.  Release the trigger when the desired amount of air pressure is in the tire.  Remove the chuck. Done!


Inevitably my Farmer will find himself with a slow leak or a flat in one of our tires.  Proximity to the farm repair shop or the heavy wheeled air compressor is no longer the primary consideration for addressing this issue.  Now, it’s more like “shall I bring the air to the tire or the tire to the air or maybe I’ll just walk out there <yawn-stretch> and air it up right now.”

battery power-3

It’s a pleasure and honor to be free to choose how to get on with one’s life.


Happy 4th!
Emily Grace

NOTE: This is not an advertisement or endorsement of any one battery powered tool product.  We have a Craftsman based system because that’s what we happen to have batteries for, and since all the batteries are interchangeable and we’re pleased with their performance, we just add to our tool collection accordingly.  Other brands are available and have fascinating options, too…like a battery powered hedge trimmer!  We love that tool, too!

Wanna go FarrrTHUR?


9 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 6 – Charge! and REcharge!”

  1. FlaHam

    Emily, what would make this an even more perfect tool is if there were a DC adapter, you could plug into the lighter for those times you forgot to charge the battery. Thanks for sharing. Take care, Bill



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