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The Friday Favored: 17th Edition

The first official week of summer is completed!

The evening storms have been bending the hickory nut trees and Buddy’s sanity, too. 🙂



The Friday Favored: 17th Edition


1.) Thunderstorms = sad, frazzled dog.


For Buddy’s poor nerves, I say “frazzled” is such a great word.

The state of being worn out.




 But we do so appreciate good rains. 



2.) Adding words to pictures:

My FWFF Katie sent me this link recently.  6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals

It’s a great article about how to add text to pictures and enhance your pictures without having to use a fancy, probably expensive editing program.

I do use Adobe Elements and Lightroom – they serve me well.  But I found using an online editing resource was fun and easy!  I especially like all the graphics and fonts available.  It’s quite time consuming to find, download and install fonts and graphics.  The availability and ease of use of the online resources will be helping me out here in the future.

Here’s a sample I created via PicMonkey , which is one of the suggestions from the article:

zoo-1 text

The watermark is from me via Elements.  The remaining text and flowers are from the free selections available at PicMonkey.

FYI: this is not an advertisement.  Just one farm wife telling another where she found cool media advice and tools.  Then the latter farm wife decided to blog it and yes, I will be putting up a summer slow cooker post soon.

Because I figured since the name of this blog implies edibles – the consuming and/or production thereof – I ought to eventually post food related content at least a little bit. 🙂



3.) A Southern Farm Visit:

I roamed about the farming South with my husband Farmer this week.


This family has farmed here over 200 years.


This stone is dated “1892”.


This stone is one of a matching pair that hold the gate into a pasture.


Through this gate and across the pasture is the family cemetery.





May she always fly over free herds and cattlemen!…especially when they send a herd trotting across the lawn!




It’s always nice to see other farmers herding animals through their nicely mowed yards.  It just makes me feel normal.



Love-loved this detail on this old carriage house looking barn.






Happy weekend,
Emily Grace


 What went on in your world this week?  C’mon and talk to me!



I’m attending Country Fair Blog Party!

Come on over!

Buddy dog wants funnel cake leftovers – I told him I’d pretend to get one while I’m at the Country Fair Blog Party. 🙂


For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

22 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 17th Edition”

  1. Katie

    I am so glad you loved the tools. I would now like to talk about the line drawn through the use of “husband” and changing it to “farmer.” Husband just doesn’t seem to truly capture the position of a husband that is a farmer. In fact, I call my husband “my farmer” too!. Do you think that wives that marry a Doctor say “My Doctor” instead of “my husband.” Why is it that so many farmwives call their husbands – “my farmer?”


  2. SJ

    I love seeing the pictures of all the old buildings on your property with all the family history built in and around it! 🙂 And I think poor Buddy may be in a constant state of frazzlement with these daily thundershowers.


    • Emily Grace

      True, Buddy has been experiencing a consistently elevated level of tension. 🙂

      Those pictures are from a farm north of us about an hour. But, yes, our farm buildings and history are lovely, too!

      Hope you are having a great week on your trip. Talk to you soon!


  3. Shane Francescut

    Hey Emily, fun post. Not a lot seemed to happen in my neighborhood this week, but we’re heading into a weekend with some great weather and then it’s our National Holiday on Tuesday… happy Canada Day!


  4. inesephoto

    Emily Grace – I so love your fantastic photography, and your useful links too. PicMonkey is addictive!:)) I don’t go there without a good reason. Difficult to get out. Have a great weekend! Inese


    • Emily Grace

      Isn’t that such a tranquil and unsettling memory. There are many of these family cemeteries on farms across the South. I’m always stilled by them – I feel the comfort of roots and the admonishment of all days being numbered. But then, anyone who has experienced farming knows this feeling, too – family cemetery or not.


  5. Robyn

    Miss Emily Grace,

    We had a major storm front hit at 5 pm Friday evening. No major damage, but dumped 3.5″ of rain on our super saturated prairie. Yesterday was windy and today we are in a high wind warning. I’m NOT a fan of wind, but it will help dry the ground so we can start to hay sooner than later.

    I am a PicMonkey fan too!

    I like you southern farm tour. Neat pictures and editing. Makes them look classic. In a few of our pastures we can see old tepee rings. The Native American’s used rocks to hold down the bottom of the tepee then pushed the rocks off when they packed up to move on.

    Hope your week is fabulous!


    • Emily Grace

      I hope you’ve been able to make hay with sunshine and not rain, Robyn. Do y’all do your own hay or hire part/all of it done?

      It seems I am joining a great PicMonkey fan club! Yea!(:

      I would love to see pics of your teepee rings if you ever wish to share them. Thanks for the compliment, too. Those farm pics were all cell pics edited in camera. I don’t have an amazing phone, but thankfully, amazing and perfect is not the goal here! Well documented and thoughtful will do just as well…and probably better.:) I appreciate your compliment especially because your photography is so well done.

      A great week to you, too!


  6. Caitlin | belong with wildflowers

    Aww, poor Buddy! One of my dogs, Moose, is deathly afraid of thunderstorms. He’s a big old pooch, but he’ll climb right on my lap + start shaking. It’s so sad!

    And what beautiful pictures from the farm. I love that there is a stone with the year carved in it. I can only imagine the history that land has seen…


    • Emily Grace

      If pastures could talk, right!!

      Thanks for stopping by, Caitlin. I’m running to keep up lately and still behind, but I appreciate you coming by. I’ll be over soon and we’ll continue that entitlement conversation. Would you consider letting me reblog your post? You did a lovely job of talking about it – I don’t think I have the words for this topic yet, but it needs a voice here at Beef and Sweet Tea. 🙂


  7. kcg1974

    Love your pictures and the images of your word that accompany them. My husband is the son of a farmer. One of nine children who grew up on over 100 acres in Michigan near the west side of the state, close to the great lake. Lots of chores and work to do. Always. Such wonderful memories he has, though. He wouldn’t trade it for anything! 🙂 Thanks, Emily Grace. So happy we’ve met!



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