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The Friday Favored: 16th Edition

Happy longest day of the year tomorrow!  I just love the summer solstice…

…it’s all down hill from here!  🙂   hehe


…there’s just something about the build up to the longest day and then knowing the hot days of summer in the South will be shorter and shorter and after about three more months of heat, autumn will be here.

I’m rarely not in the mood for pumpkins.



The Friday Favored: 16th Edition


1.) Would that I were this grasshopper.








The teen gardener brought a big coffee.  `Twas early.

How do you think the caffeine affected the little grasshopper?  All I know is he drank a lot of it!



2.) Bad Ass Donkey Behavior:

Slang is such an important consideration when writing about one’s donkey-donks.  Let there be no mistaking my meaning – this a progression of very bad donkey behavior on a beef cattle operation.







Uh oh.zoo-23




zoo-26Thank you, Amos, for parenting Benelli in the right direction.  You’re a good daddy.


Did you have a good Father’s day weekend last week?  Do you know any mischievous equines?



3.) Tom. Gray. Cat.




Trying to catch a caffeinated grasshopper?




zoo-7Ah. Maybe next time.



4.) The Highlight of my Week:



Sheri de Grom mentioned to me this week that though farmers are less than 2% of the population farm, the percentage of our citizens who serve in the military is even less.

Then, my Farmer wanted to watch this commencement address with me.  He’d already seen it.  We sat down with supper and watched it together, because it is a well-said list of approaches for life that he wants his family to be influenced by.

And, once again, I see he has just the right heart –  for me, for farming and for leadership.

Amazing people grow your food and protect your country.


Best of weekends,
Emily Grace


 What went on in your world this week?



I’m attending Country Fair Blog Party!

Come on over!

I’m putting on a sundress and heading for the ferris wheel. It’s the longest day of the year! 🙂


For the why of this Friday blog rut

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15 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 16th Edition”

  1. Katie

    Naughty donkey – why do they have to be so cute when they are bad? This week is my birthday week and I have enjoyed having an Out-of-the-Valley experience.


    • Emily Grace

      This is such an important list, Inese! Thank you for sharing it!

      I’ll be over to visit your blog this week. Looking forward to it!


  2. Caitlin | belong with wildflowers

    Beautiful pictures of the grasshopper.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one up-close! Such a great post, as always 🙂 And when I read “donkey-donks”, it COMPLETELY made my day! I love when people use different terms for animals that are more fitting. “Donkey donks” is way better than “donkey” any day.


    • Emily Grace

      Thank you, Friend Caitlin!

      My Farmer actually was the first here to use the “donkey donks” moniker and it has stuck. They inspire silly talkin’. 🙂


  3. Cristen

    These pictures are so awesome! Love the kitty too… can’t ever have too many great barn cats. (Okay, maybe you can… we fostered 25 at one time when I was young!) 🙂 Love your blog, girl!



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