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FarrrTHUR 4 – We grow algae in KENTUCKY???

Indeed, they grow algae in Kentucky.

We’re agriculturally versatile here in the South, y’all.


Allow me to explain….


Janeal has a PhD in meat science Kansas State.

I didn’t know such a degree existed back during “nothing more”.

Anyhow, Go Wildcats!


Janeal is also a wife and mother who shops.

She likely makes 80% of household purchase choices like other women do, too.


Janeal blogs at her site Mom at the Meat Counter.

And I’d like you to know she’s out here blogging – creating content that takes agriculture conversations FarrrTHUR for producers and consumers.


Recently Janeal attended the Alltech Symposium and she has a lovely post at her site sharing some really cool agriculture technology


Y’all already know how I feel about technology and agriculture after last week, but humor me – this calf is just too cute. 🙂

ag apps 2wm



This week in FarrrThur, I’m sharing a snippet from Janeal’s post and linking over to her site where the full article is.  I hope you enjoy this little field trip.

🙂 eg


What does Alltech do for the average consumer?

by Janeal, Meat Science Ph.D. and author of Mom at the Meat Counter

Last week I was invited to attend the Alltech Symposium. Alltech is a global agricultural company that produces a variety of products used in several segments of food production. Other than their beer (which was quite tasty), bourbon, and coffee products, a big portion of what is produced by Alltech is sold to others within agriculture. The average consumer probably doesn’t even know the company exists.

So, that got me thinking. When people ask me where I was last week; why I left my kids and my husband for 5 days to attend a symposium hosted by a global agriculture company, what will I tell them? How do I relate what Alltech does to them and their everyday lives?

What does Alltech do to affect the average consumer?

  • DHA ~ Docosahexanoeic acid. The most important of the omega 3 fatty acids, DHA promotes brain and eye health in babies and small children and is important for heart health and immunity in adults. New research is showing that kids supplemented with DHA have greater attention spans and sleep longer (Score!).

Most DHA comes from fish oil or a diet high in fish. The fish get the DHA through the food chain, originally from algae. Alltech is capturing the DHA directly from the algae and working on ways to get it into livestock feed. In addition to making the animals healthier, the DHA will be deposited into meat, milk and eggs. Then, our everyday foods will be naturally supplemented with DHA. No more fish oil pills or worrying about over-fishing the oceans for DHA.



alltech algae text

Algae in Kentucky…yet another reason to love-love agriculture in the South. And I’m not just whistling Dixie*…


For the rest of this post, please visit Mom at the Meat Counter.


 – is a slang expression that means “not talking nonsense”



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11 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 4 – We grow algae in KENTUCKY???”

    • Emily Grace

      Thank you for following along, Patricia. Agriculture is a fascinating industry. I don’t think I can run out of good material to post. Just when I feel a brain block, there’s always a tidbit getting my attention and expanding before my eyes into a really interesting topic. Thanks for reading!


  1. inesephoto

    Cattle in coastal areas have been eating seaweed for centuries. Farmers know how to feed them so that the taste of milk is not affected. Way to go, Janeal, and thank you for sharing, Emily Grace!


    • Emily Grace

      I suppose in Ireland, y’all would be meshing cattle with coastal forages. I had not thought about it! Thanks for enhancing my consideration of cattle on a large island!


  2. Alisa Belzil

    Fascinating! I really hate the aftermath of fish oil pills. Maybe they will make a prenatal vitamin that tastes like algae instead of fish haha.


  3. Katie

    I just posted something from Janeal on Facebook about “What is in a label” this week! What are the odds? I think her stuff is very informative and I appreciate her education in regards to writing on such topics. Nice find on the algae. News to me – I think important news though.


    • Emily Grace

      Cool! Great minds think alike!!…and we’re twins otherwise, too. 🙂

      Yes, Janeal’s expertise is much appreciated here, too.


    • Emily Grace

      Thanks for reminding me, Sheri. I’ve been meaning to get over to read and enjoy the comments on your blog. I’ll be over today!



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