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The Friday Favored: 15th Edition

Happy Father’s Day weekend.  Hope you have a chance to sit back and enjoy your family/friends-like-family.


If you need some Friday tunes….Wagon Wheel


The Friday Favored: 15th Edition


1.) What is this?

I gardened this morning with a teenager who prefers to work early.  A.Mazing.

He prefers to get up early work while it’s cool and stay inside while the afternoon heat roasts the world.  My landscaping appreciates him and so do I!

While we reclaimed a flower bed this morning, we found a few of these fuzzy guys.

What are they?


Jenna?  Are you out there?



2.) Hair Hacks:

Speaking of Jenna, my bug classifying friend…she sent me a link to some hair hacks.  A couple of them really impressed me.  I’m totally going to try making temporary bangs out of  my long ponytail.

Really, if you put long hair in a high ponytail, you can have “bangs” – and they look quite chic.

See for yourself – 29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know.

But, I don’t agree with putting bobby pins in upside down.  To each her own.



3.) FWFF (farm wife friends forever):

Katie sent me a pic from her barn this week.  Its caption: Sup Hommie

sup hommie

Back in the 90s we signed our middle school notes with acronyms like BFF.  Actually, I didn’t know Katie then, but no matter.  Nowadays it’s good to share barn pics with such a soul who knows when to appreciate a friendship with all levels of maturity.


Do you have a friend with whom you can span childhood importance and adult laughter?


4.) Antique awesomeness:

I took this picture earlier in the spring, but it got lost in the shuffle.

My mom and I saw this in an antique shop and thought it was super cool.

antique wheel fixture



I’m thinking pot rack in a kitchen with a high enough ceiling.

How would you use it?



Happy Weekend Friends,

Emily Grace


 What went on in your world this week?



This post is linked up at the Country Fair Blog Party!

Come on over!

Come on over!


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18 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 15th Edition”

  1. Jenna

    From the picture, I’d guess the Laugher Moth, but there are a few others that it could be. ^_^


  2. jennaresidentnatureychick

    That’s exactly what it looks like! I didn’t realize they came in that shade. ^_^
    By the way, nice fox! 😀


    • Emily Grace

      Hi Sheri,
      I’m so glad to hear Tom is doing great. Thank you for coming over to visit me in the aftermath of such an ordeal. I’m looking forward to reading your comments and replying!


      • sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

        Emily Grace – It’s wonderful to have a ‘home to visit’ when everything has been so hectic and want to settle in and catch up with a favorite blogger. I try my best to keep up with well over 200 regular bloggers and it keeps me on my toes. Often when I make the rounds, I gasp and realize it’s been too far since I’ve made it to ‘your home.’ I’m so happy I reblogged your post as several have told me they had no idea about ‘women in agriculture’ and Patti told me she’s now following and she’s a real horse person but never lived away from the city. She’s been with me from the day I posted my very first blog and never missed a single one.


      • Emily Grace

        If by Patti you mean Patricia, then yes, I am enjoying her company, too!

        Keeping up with all these new people I have met is quite the task. A pleasure, but no less work! My acquaintance list exploded with blogging and I have enjoyed learning to manage all these lovely new connections.


      • sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

        Yes, Patti will probably always remain Patti to me. But, yes, she is indeed Patricia.
        An exploding world of individuals wishing to learn about your life on the farm is a wonderful thing. One of the comments Patricia (Patti) made on my blog was that she was looking forward to learning about an entirely new way of life that she wasn’t aware of.


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